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  1. I am already a nursing graduate from the Philippines, and also a board passer there, applying for NCLEX-RN in California,but after the evaluation of my application I have been required to complete additional course work, both theory and clinical practice on my Medical-Surgical and Obstetrics to an accredited school of professional nursing school in California, or any state here in US to be able to meet the requirements of the Board of Nursing. But they said that I can also take the LVN exam. Can you guys help me and guide me on what to do? Do you think I should take the LVN? and another question is, does it mean I have to take a regular college year to complete these credits? I am also looking for financial aid/ scholarship so I can take these course works. PLEASE PLEASE I NEED HELP, ADVISE AND SUGGESTIONS..

    Thank you all for your time to read this.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    You might want to post this in the World section.

    I think there's 2 or 3 schools that offer those classes alone without having to go through the whole nursing school program. You could do a search and check the various threads that have that information.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!
  4. by   ArtisticNurse
    I'm not sure if you can apply in another state to be an RN and have it successfully endorsed to CA as an RN license too.

    You may look into that option.

    OR, maybe working in another state as an RN? I have just received approval to take the RN exam without problems in Illinois. Maybe, it would be the same with neighboring states such as Nevada, Oregon or Arizona if they're near your area.

    Good luck.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to Nurse Registration forum in world nursing. There are many going through the same issue. Suggest a good read on the threads in this forum as there are issues with endorsing back to CA if you do not make up the original requirments.

    Also you are applying for eligibility to gain licensure as a registered nurse. NCLEX is only one step in the process to gaining a license.
  6. by   steppybay
    Kabayans, you have to look at the "bigger picture".

    To everyone asking of the same question: just pick whatever state you wish to work in for the next 3-8 years or more. With the strong possibility, this State is where you will plant your roots and watch your babies grow from an infant till they go to college.

    -- First and foremost, you must now have a valid SSN to apply into CA and into most states and one day soon, ALL states will require a SSN and for future renewals. There are zero to a handful of hospital sponsorships in the whole country now, don't count on those, you will have better luck winning the lottery odds.

    -- It makes NO sense to get a license in one state, when you really WANT to work in another, as you need to still PASS that state's requirements you wanted to work in the FIRST place.

    -- You will be spending more MONEY by hopping around one state to another in extra fee$ and possible extra money for certain testing$ and wasting more months waiting and waiting, instead of looking for a job. Why pay double $$$ ??

    **** The FASTEST, the EASIEST, the CHEAPEST state to apply into is the State you feel you will put your roots down for many years, the MINUTE you pass the NCLEX! If that state doesn't meet their requirements AND your needs and desires (weather, salary, etc) now then move on and research and travel to that state if you can. ****

    -- Avoid the 14-15 states that are enforcing the concurrency now, The list of them are mentioned a few times on this forum. Here you go: [COLOR=#003366][COLOR=#003366] NV was recently enforcing it and it was mentioned NY was enforcing it, but not 100% on that State, but quite possible. Don't be surprised if FL and TX join the concurrency bandwagon one day, it's a very old requirement from years ago before most of us were born (25 plus years).

    -- Forget about trying to ENDORSE-TRANSFER any out-of-state license into CA or ANY of the current mentioned 14-15 other states that are enforcing the concurrency rules, it's NOT going to happen as again, you MUST submit the same college transcripts that already DENIED or will DENY the application, there's no way around to go around this! It doesn't matter if you have 2 years or more of US RN experience, my PH friend tried to endorse her FL into CA and was denied the licensure, citing the same concurrency issue. Same thing with our friend with her NY license, same bad fate.

    -- As you may know or should know, that jobs for us international students are becoming very hard and pretty difficult to get our foor thru the door, as many hospitals even many clinics are hiring their own students that did their clinical time in that hospital or hiring more of that local students or those from the same State. It's known as hiring the "internals".

    -- To find out what state you are interested in, the bottom of each page is the list of BON's and you can easily Google...STATE's name followed by "board of nursing"....BINGO! It's all there for the state's requirements, including every one of the Board's has a special ""INTERNATIONAL"" section.
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  7. by   steppybay
    With regards to the two colleges offering to take only the deficient courses and understand you need to apply early as I think they only accept applications during a certain time period, so it's not always open at any time. I would not be surprised if they do fill very fast due to the hugh numbers of international students affected by the concurrency issue. It's students and nurses from all over the globe.

    Here you go, it's the Sept. 17th thread page, you will find the pre-testing items, licenses and certifications and the $$$$$$ to attend, please read it carefully.
  8. by   steppybay
    Your options to become an LVN in CA, here's a start: please read the other good topics posted by others also.


    Just note, that on the CA BVNPT website, they actually DO require that the nursing courses also comply with the concurrency rules, it's mentioned in their requirements, so guys and gals, just be FOREWARNED now, that it can be enforced at any time, any day.
  9. by   steppybay
    To Charlie09: when did you graduate? There's a possibility that some 2012 grads and it may be those graduating in the near future from Phils may soon be meeting the CA BON requirements, as CHED has finally (we hope) got it correct recently, by making adjustments to the courses and clinicals.

    There are also a few posters here who did get their ATT recently even upon a re-examination after failing the NCLEX once, so I'm sure that's the exception and not the rule. It could have been an evaluator who is new or pressed the wrong button or just let it slide, who knows? So it's not impossible, but pretty close to it.
  10. by   mixsand1
    so even if You have a license in the Philippines, they will still require the cases and after evaluation, they will deny you?
  11. by   steppybay
    Quote from mixsand1
    so even if You have a license in the Philippines, they will still require the cases and after evaluation, they will deny you?
    Even if you have 2-5 or 26 years plus of RN experience from the Phils or any other country, everything in the States (at least in CA and I'm sure the majority of the States), it will always be based on your college (educational) background as the minimum foundation basis to get the ATT or license.

    So in quick answer to your question, it's "yes".
  12. by   mixsand1
    wow, the local license is useless in California.. ouch! my shattered dreams and broken heart..
  13. by   steppybay
    Quote from mixsand1
    wow, the local license is useless in California.. ouch! my shattered dreams and broken heart..
    Not really useless, it's still needed as part of the CA BON requirements or in other States.

    But as I've been saying for a while here, the main and total blame belongs to our CHEC, PRC and PNA for not bringing the PH standards to the US minimum standards (in written policy in CA since 1987), as it seems the PH agencies have known for years about this and ignored it.

    By not correcting the PH curriculum until recently (or so it seems), it has caused thousands upon thousands of PH grads to be denied the ATT in the States where the concurrency problem is being enforced.
  14. by   mixsand1
    yeah, no thanks to the CHED, I hope they will make changes to the curriculum. a 1 minute lack of time in your theory will be enough to deny you. that's very unfair.