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  1. hello everyone ! I'm Regina,a Filipino RN aspiring to be a licensed US RN someday . So my question is ,has anybody here particularly Philippines grad nurse who managed their NCLEX application alone ? there are Agencies I know like NEAC and IPASS who does the processing ,however it is costly. If its not too hard accomplishing the steps for application I will try to do it on my own so I could spend the extra $$$ for studying/preparation for the test itself .
    please provide me also the website where I can create my account or start my application .

    My first choice is California,however I heard that most Filipino RN applicants were denied because the education is not enough/ not same.
    if I am a Registered midwife and RN at the same time ,would you think I will be granted to sit for CA BON?

    If California is impossible , what do you think of Illinois? hows the nurse job vacancy in Illinois ? I was told Illinois don't need TOEFL so my second choice is Illinois because I want to jump to the nclex test straight away.

    You may also suggest other BON states to me as I have little idea about where is best to work at and my education won't be denied as a filipino trained nurse .

    Thank you.
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    First, it is better to choose a state where their BON has a website, like TX for example. You can start from there. All the instructions for foreign nurses aiming to land a job in the state are available on the website.