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Hi, was just wondering if anyone else here is applying as a nurse in Norway?? I am leaving on sept 8 and want to get in touch with other nurses who is planning/hoping to work in Norway.. Please... Read More

  1. by   nursey0811
    A written plan for the Norwegian courses you intend to attend during your stay in Norway

    Please note that the Adult Learning Centres ('Voksenopplring') in each local Council ('Kommune') in Norway offer Norwegian Courses to beginners. For example: Voksenopplring - Oslo Kommune

    In many cases, the price is half of what is offered by various institutions in the Private Sector.

    --------------------regarding this one for applying.. have you tried and successfully passed one? is there a form or guidelines that I should when writing this one?
  2. by   agnes_ph
    hi nes09 i am interested to apply online too.hows your application now? can you please message me. I too have no relative in Norway to live with.
  3. by   Aimhie
    hi! i'm newbie here! still researching about Norway...I've read some information. they're so helpful... I'm planning to do it on my own if i'm going to pursue it..
  4. by   JuanmasipagRN
    Hello nurses! I'm planning to apply for a residence permit to look for a job (jobseeker) in Norway that is only valid for 6 months. Would it be possible to find a job there even if I only know up to level 3 of Norwegian language? Is it true that there's a lot of vacancies for nursing assistants there?thnx..
  5. by   JuanmasipagRN
    Quote from angelvu
    hi. Im from Cebu. I attended the orientation at Global Summit. Haven't decided yet if i should appply. How much did you pay to when you started processing?

    I have also attended the orientation at global summit and found out that they're asking too much for there clients. I'm confused if I am going to apply for jobseeker or permit to learn the language for a year. How about you?What are your plans?
  6. by   johngmo15
    hei god dag alle sammen...

    it is quite difficult to get a job here now even as a nurse assistant(auxiliary nurse)..i've been here for 9 months and got nothing except for an opplring vakt(orientation to work as an apprentice). language is the key,basic knowledge is ok but not enough. it demands more of it. think very hard before you decide to come is better to apply for a permit to study norwegian than as a jobseeker. things here are very different and very systematic. if you do not have any relatives here that can help you in norway better not to go here because you'll end up broke..every thing is expensive..but again it is your choice think carefully and analyze the posible consequences that may happen...well maybe others are just with better luck.
  7. by   luzRN
    Can somebody help me with my application to norway . I really don't have an idea to fix it can somebody u have an authorization letter already ...can teach me because some consultation agencies are asking too much....
  8. by   kamalpreet
    Quote from Fiona59

    I have to ask. How would you feel having yourself or a loved family member cared for by a healthcare worker who couldn't communicate fully in your own language? Would you feel safe and secure?
    Hi i have done GNM in India and i am working in cardic ICU from last 2 year . Can i get job in norway
  9. by   kamalpreet
    Me and my husband like to do master and we cant pay for that to full fill our drems we wish to go norway
  10. by   luzRN
    can i just ask do u apply online for the application for safh ? because i'm interested too...
  11. by   belle324
    Hi everyone!

    I've read the previous postings and they're really helpful to nurses like me who is planning to apply in Norway.
    I really need help from those nurses who know the step-by-step process of application, what is the first thing to do? I already have an employer in Norway, my only problem is on how to process my application. I called the embassy and told me that I have to apply online. by the way I'm a registered nurse here in the Philippines.. please help!
  12. by   belle324
    hi hawk24!

    may I know that particular agency who assisted you on your application? hope you don't mind..thanks
  13. by   it'smeYENG
    Hi everyone!

    Been following this thread. I am currently here in Oslo as an au pair. I have started the language course at least the 1st 6 chapters. I am looking forward to become a nurse here when my contract is finished. I am palnning to apply for a student visa after 2 years and study the language but I need a sponsor otherwise I can't make it beceause I still have to prove I can support myself here while I am studying. It is allowed to work for 20 hurs while studying but considering the tuition, housing, food, fare and etc. aka High cost of living here. I don't think it is enough. Is there other options I can take to persue my dream to become a nurse here? Please help me! Thanks