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Hi Guys, I found an old thread from 2016 but wanted to start anew so we don't have to filter through 20+ pages. I submitted my application in June and it was placed on the queue on June 21. I am... Read More

  1. by   SnowNursee
    Quote from jmeerica
    Hello guys!
    i am new here and I have been reading the thread for a couple of days now
    I sent all my docs to the NMC and was received by the office last JUNE 15, 2018.
    I checked the online portal once in a while and saw that they received all my documents on time.
    started counting 30 working days since then but no feedback received.

    I called the NMC regarding my application and the officer told me that I had one document missing
    which was my masters, I gave them the tracking number and all the other details and told me to call them
    after a week or so. Sadly, when I called back I was told that there was no update and assessment hasn't even started.. huhuhuhu
    The operator told me to email all the pertinent details with regards to my courier and tracking number,
    thankfully they emailed me after a few hours and that they have began expediting my files and needed to re scan my missing docs.

    I was emailed today that they have only started the assessment since August 8, 2018 and I should have a reply after 30-60 working days.
    I hope that they would assess it faster coz I am more than a month delayed already with my processing...

    does somebody have the same issue as mine?
    sorry for the long post....
    Hey there~

    I'm sorry to hear about the mishap with the NMC. If you've been following the thread, you'll see it has happened to a few people though, and is quite common for them to lose documents. Which is why it's always a good idea to call them as you have, and double check.

    Unfortunately, since they always wait for ALL docs to be with them to start assessing, you will have to wait the allotted 30-60 days. What you can do, is call them every now and then, show them that you are waiting and hopefully, if your appointed assessor is.. kind enough, they'll be quicker about it.

    Don't lose faith. You'll get there. It's a painful wait, I know.. but at least now they have everything and it's just a matter of time. And hopefully you won't have any feedback to fix anything and it'll be straight to your DL. Best of luck!
  2. by   klara
    Quote from dj16
    Hi. Mine was put on queue on July 27 also. I hope we will get our dl without delays.
    Hi there! I emailed NMC to confirm if indeed I was put on queue on the 27th of July as indicated by the NMC portal, however, the assessor said that mine was put on queue on the 1st of August. You can also email NMC to confirm the date. I guess my DL will be out sometime 3rd or 4th week of September, God willing!

    Keep posted
  3. by   Eykah
    Hi! may i ask if we do have a format for self declaration of employment gaps? if so, can i ask for a copy please? thank you!
  4. by   rosa1825
    Hi! Anyone here heading to watford who are waiting for their COS?
  5. by   ritchieS
    Quote from Eykah
    Hi! may i ask if we do have a format for self declaration of employment gaps? if so, can i ask for a copy please? thank you!
    Can you please share your email? So I can send you the format I've used before.