1. My CNO application has finally arrived and they told me that I did not meet the program requirement for registration as a Registered Nurse in Ontario.

    The CNO even told me that they compared my information in my application with the Ontario RN Entry-to-Practice Comptencies. It is like a guidelines of standards wherein they assessed whether I met the standards or not.

    Now, they are giving me an opportunity to provide information how I achieved the "not met" entry to practice competencies. They want me to provide examples from my experience or education to demonstrate how I have achieved every not met competencies.

    So these are my questions:

    Does anyone of you have undergone the same process as I do or it is just me?
    Is this different to BET or just the same?
    If anyone has the same as i do, How did you do yours?
    Any idea what to expect after doing this?

    Waiting for your response to enlighten my mind..
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Moved to the international forum as many Canadian nurses will not know about what you need to do to meet requirements
  4. by   PiRN
    Hello. I guess this is a new part of the assessment process for meeting the new current baccalaureate degree in nursing in Ontario. It is totally different from BET, since BET is kinda specific that they will give you 7 sets of questions plus one explanation of your nursing experience/education. The similarities of both assessment is that they all pertain or you need to base you answers into the ENTRY-TO-PRACTICE COMPETENCIES. I guess in the current assessment process as you are appealing to the CNO regarding your nursing education in your country, it is kinda general since you need to explain one by one every competencies that you didn't meet but in BET the CNO already chose the topic or questions, you just need to justify that you know or you have what the competency it takes.. I believe that this assessment process is neither hard nor easy, you just need to prove every single explanation of your nursing knowledge/education.

    Once you satisfied or pass the Regulation Committee in the CNO thru your explanation on-their what so called new assessment process, you'll meet the current baccalaureate degree in nursing in Ontario and will be able to sit the CRNE which is one of the requirement in the general class for RN in the CNO.

    Goodluck on your future endeavors... More Power

  5. by   jvre888
    thanks for the help...
  6. by   dishes
    I think PIRN is right, the CNO has replaced the BET with the entry to practice competencies. It makes sense to me, that you are being asked to show proof of competencies in this manner. This sounds similar to the method that is used to renew specialty certification through the CNA.
  7. by   jvre888
    -which format shall I use? Is it in essay type?

    Is it ok to take the IELTS after the assessment is done or do I need to take it now?
  8. by   dishes
    Did the CNO give an example of how to complete the competencies? If so, use the same format as the example. You can take the IELTs after the competency assessment, you do not need to take it now.
  9. by   PiRN
    I agree. Focus on completing your appealing process in order for you to meet the current degree in Ontario. English fluency is not on a hurry in your situation right now. Goodluck
  10. by   jvre888
    thanks for all the help.. i really appreciate it... i'm working on it now...
  11. by   iamicamyrr

    we have exactly the same situation. cos I just received my assessment result last Feb 6, 2012, which is 3 months in process since I applied last November 2011. It also says that i didn't meet the program requirement for registration as a Registered Nurse here. They gave me 62 items to be defended on how I achieved the unmet competencies. It's kinda hard I know, but we can help each other. My friend also has 60ish items to defend since we had the same university back home in the Philippines. My due date on submitting the explanations will be on March 22. that's why I'm starting it now. :/ here is my digits-6474680423.

    and hey i also applied for RPN assessment & i believe that they will credit my credentials cos my friend will take the exam on May and he is also a BSN graduate.

    - Mica
  12. by   dishes
    I would caution you about helping each other to complete the competencies, the CNO requires that you base your examples on your individual work experience and will considers it dishonest if you use someone else's examples.
  13. by   jvre888
    o yeah I'll definitely do my thing based on my own knowledge and experience... Anyways, do i need to provide explanations in every situations/examples still or just a situation?
  14. by   Omabusamra
    My CNO application to General RN arrive and they told me you didn't meet the program requirment (education) , so they refer my application to thr regestration committe .What do you think the result will be , I'm on stress .