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Hi, I was wondering if the NPs on this board can give me an idea of how they became NPs. Something like - "I went to school A for RN degree, worked as RN for x many years, went to school for masters,... Read More

  1. by   globalRN
    bsn: 1980's worked as a rn for 16 yrs
    bedside: 3 yrs
    outpatient: many
    teaching: 4yrs
    management 1yr
    ms: 2002
    worked as a NP since
    dual certifications as NP
  2. by   christvs
    Here is my story:

    1995: Graduated from High School
    1999: Graduated with a BS in biology
    2001: Graduated with an MS in biology
    2001: worked briefly as a lab technician in HIV vaccine research lab, hated it, then decided I wanted to be a nurse
    2002: Became certified as a CNA, and started working as a Nursing Assistant in the float pool at a hospital; finished extra pre-req classes for nursing school admission; got accepted to a BSN program
    2005: Graduated with my BSN, passed NCLEX, started working as an RN on a med/surg/tele unit (I still work there now!)
    2006: Applied to NP Master's programs, got accepted, started my NP Master's program in June 2006 with an acute/critical care focus
    June 1, 2008: Will graduate with my MSN and take the Acute care NP certification exam and work in internal medicine or cardiology
  3. by   Lilith
    1980 - graduated from high school
    1984 - graduated from BA program
    1984 - 1999 - almost every job under the sun, seriously lacking direction
    2002 - graduated AS nursing, work in ER for three years
    2005 - back to school for MSN
    2007 - graduated MSN ANP track

    currently practicing as ANP in a private group carrying both primary care panel and gastroenterology specialty patients
  4. by   butch228
    1990 BA in Biology
    1992 Started Dental School but hated it dropped out after a year
    1994-2000 worked in fundraising / administration for a large university
    2000-2002 Assoc program in Nursing
    2002-2007 worked on medical/Onc floor in teaching hosp.
    2005-2007 RN-MSN program- Adult NP
    2007-present - Primary care for pts with severe disabilities (spinal cord injury,CP, MR, etc)