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I am going to finshing my BSN when I am 26 and am hoping to continue my education. I am hoping to work in the ICU for a couple of years but would like to maybe go to school to be a NP or CRNA. But my... Read More

  1. by   jov
    Quote from Coloradogrl
    But my Aunt who is a RN told me that I would be TOO YOUNG and not get any respect
    I think Auntie has a point, which is it will be more difficult for you to get respect because you are young.

    That being said, think of what you can do to combat preconceived biases against youth. For example, coming to work wearing jeans and a t-shirt with your belly hanging out and a lab coat thrown over top....vs. coming to work in a nice pressed two piece suit with a simple blouse, and your lab coat.
    or... doing the Valley-Girl thing with the gum vs. being articulate and modulated in your verbal responses.
    Not that you are this way, but you get the picture?

    There is a great deal to be said for life experience. It IS extremely valuable. Even at age 30, there are many milestones in life that you just haven't experienced yet only by virtue of less years spent on this planet (death of parent, birth of children, daycare issues, paying off a mortage, running your own business, loss of a close friend to cancer...). People with these experiences learn a great deal about life and the human nature, which usually translates into more thoughtful opinions and wiser approaches to a problem-- social, medical or otherwise.

    So, I get what Auntie is saying. But I don't think I would let it slow me down.
  2. by   glea1022
    I have to agree with the other posters in that youth can be either an asset or an obstacle, but either way it depends on how your present yourself. If you go into a situation feeling inadequate because of your age/lack of experience, others will sense it and it will be a problem. However, if you have an appropriate level of confidence in your abilities and knowledge, carry yourself well (head up, shoulders back, with a smile), dress professionally (dependent on your work environment, of course), that confidence will also show. If necessary, seek help from a stylist or something to give you some ideas on how to present yourself in a mature and professional manner. While it's true that people should not judge others based on appearance, it's a fact of life. They say that first impressions are made in the first few seconds after meeting someone--not enough time to judge their brains!

    My point is--have confidence, project a professional image, and go for it!

    (BTW--I went to my BSN program right after high school, was the youngest in my class, and graduated at the ripe old age of 22 and looked about 16. If I had a nickel for everytime a patient said "are you sure you're old enough to be a nurse?" I'd never have to work again! I've worked hard to project that professional/mature image--although the grey hairs I'm getting are starting to work a little TOO well "