Retaking Pharm Class?

  1. Hi,<br><br>I graduated in 2010 with my MSN (PNP track) and then took boards in 2011. I then took some time off and traveled, then I worked as a travel nurse trying to figure out where I wanted to settle down. I'm now finally applying for an NP position at the hospital where I work as an RN. I was told that I need to retake Pharm class because it has been over two years since I graduated. I asked the other NPs at the hospital and they had never heard of this policy either. The person hiring is an interim manager and works as an RN and isn't an NP. I don't have a problem with retaking pharm class if this really is a legitimate requirement, but obviously would rather not if it's not necessary (plus it's expensive). I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation before? <br><br>Thanks for the help!<br><br>
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  3. by   zenman
    Very simple. Ask to see the policy. If it isn't in writing, there is no policy.
  4. by   Joaquin49
    Why was it important for you to point out that the interim manager was a RN and not a NP?
  5. by   myelin
    good lord, here we go...
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Important because as an RN they are probably not as aware of NP regs. Now back to topic. Agree with Zenman.
  7. by   phillycpnp-pc
    I have heard of people taking pharm over again if they do not take the boards within 4 or 5 years of completing the class. I think that's a national requirement.

    But that's not the case for you. That's seems strange.
  8. by   Aymese
    Quote from myelin
    good lord, here we go...
    Lol, agreed.
  9. by   rlianne
    It may have to do with your state's requirement for prescriptive authority. I ran into this recently as well. I actually have 7 years of prescribing experience but then I took 3 years off to stay at home with my kids. When I reinstated my NP license they wouldn't reinstate my prescriptive authority b/c they said I actually never applied for it and you have to either transfer (endorse) your prescriptive authority from another state OR have graduated in the past two years. Not sure what state you are in but I did my research and this was the case in SC, CO, and NV (the states where I have worked). Hope you get it figured out...I'm annoyed that I have to re-take an expensive class simply b/c of a clerical error 10 years ago.