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  1. Hello everyone. Would appreciate any insights from those who have worked at colleges. I have an interview in a couple of weeks to be an NP at a community college. The instructions state that right before my interview, I will be given a list of questions and 15 minutes to think about them. Then, I will taken in for a panel interview lasting 50 minutes. The individuals on the panel are admin staff and 2 athletic trainers. Does anyone know what kind of questions they will ask? I can review the most likely student health issues and how to do a sports physical, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this type of interview.

    If I do well on this interview, then they will have me come back the next day for more questions.

    In addition, this is for a Director role. I'm not sure why they called me in, as I am a new grad NP, or if that is a title just to provide a competitive salary. In my previous life, I was a manager. This CC is in a small town, so maybe they didn't have many applicants.

    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   AnnieNP
    I have no idea, but congratulations and good luck!!!!!!
  4. by   NHGN
    I'm not much help either. I work as a college's psych NP one day a week. I was recommended by the outgoing psychiatrist to fill his spot and I'm the sole medical staff person at the counseling center. I chatted with the director of the counseling center for five minutes and that was it. It's the most easy going (and high paying) job ever. I'm going to assume my experience is so different because you're in primary care? I'd check on that "director" role if I were you!!
  5. by   kiszi
    Director of what? The student health clinic?
  6. by   FullGlass
    Quote from kiszi
    Director of what? The student health clinic?
    Yes, it is Director of the Student Health Clinic
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    I had one of my clinical rotations at a university health service that was completely NP run. The most common issues we saw were URIs, sexual health issues, minor ortho stuff, and derm stuff (rashes, and herpes/MRSA from the wrestling team). We screened for mental health issues, but those students were directed to the counseling center.

    I'd say brush up on STIs, birth control options, concussion protocols, sprains and injuries, and maybe general info on how to manage infectious disease outbreaks on campus.

    Best of luck.