Plz. advice all the informed nurses to a foreign med. grad.

  1. Hello to all you wonderful people out there.
    I need sincere advice from all of you.Here's my story.
    I am an 8yr. old foreign medical graduate. i passed all the US med. licensing exams but have been unable to secure a residency here so far. I am really stressed out at the moment 'cause of not being able to work & the numerous rejections i've received. Healthcare has always been my passion and i want to remain in this field so i've decided to join the nursing profession & become a NP. I've seen the autonomy NPs enjoy working here and in many circumstances they are working exactly like doctors.
    Plz. i've searched numerous resources but i'm confused a little bit as which path to pursue.
    1. What are the options or the exact route for a medical gradute desiring to become an NP?
    2. If i want to become a CRNA after working a few years as an NP what path should i follow?
    3. When after completing graduation and applying for a job do the employers prefer candidate with BSN or MSN from regular schools as compare to online schools or they are given equal weightage.

    All the knowledgable nurses plz. share your thoughts and advice with me .
    I'd be really grateful.thankyou very much.
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  3. by   elkpark
    Welcome to allnurses!

    The path for a medical grad to become a nurse practitioner is exactly the same as the path for anyone else. Get licensed as an RN and attend an MSN program with a specialization in the type of NP you want to become. Or attend a "direct-entry" MSN program designed for people who already have a BA/BS degree in something else -- these programs roll basic nursing education and MSN education into one program. You don't get any special exceptions or shortcuts as a medical graduate, although a lot of the courses will probably be easier for you because of your previous education/experience.

    Nurse anesthesia is an entirely different specialty. If you later decide you want to become a CRNA, you will need to get accepted to and complete a CRNA program. Because of all the demand, they are extremely competitive. CRNA programs require that you have a minimum of one year critical care bedside nursing experience to apply.

    Whether or not a specific employer has positive or negative views of on-line programs is entirely up to that employer. I'm sure there is a range of opinions "out there."
  4. by   iwannabeawinner
    thnku very much elkpark for ur reply.
  5. by   iwannabeawinner
    one more q . does anybody have any idea which online direct entry MSN progs. HAVE A HIGH rating?
  6. by   ghillbert
    Have a high rating of what? The school you choose depends upon specialties offered, where you want to go, cost, successful certification exam passing and employment rate of graduates. There are too many to list. Choose some and compare them.

    Get your undergraduate transcripts, get them translated if necessary, and go to some schools that offer direct entry NP programs and ask them about it. If you choose a school that has both NP and NA programs, you may be able to get credit for certain classes later on if you want to switch - but you'll still need to take all the NA specific classes and clinicals.
  7. by   ricky75
    Hi There,

    I am in the same position as yours. Please can you tell if you got accepted in residency or nursing? I am passionate to work with patients but failed to get into residency program, so now trying nursing?

    Your reply would be appreciated.
  8. by   selunurse
    I am a foreign medical graduate. I got accepted to a BSN nursing program. I plan to continue onto CCRNA and then keep on trying with the USMLE in the future. The important thing is to keep focused, don't ever knock yourself down, keep motivated, don't ever loose hope. Nursing is a rewarding career and i look forward to it. I hope you can reach your goals. Also there is a in Florida FIU that has a program especifically for FOreign medical grads. I can give you all the info if you would like.
  9. by   ricky75
    Thank you so much Sellunurse,

    I had been looking for some FMG who is pursuing nursing . Im In california and heard i need to do all the prerequisites including science and non science, which will take around 2 years and DEMSN will take another 3 years, so 5 years of more school. I am just thinking hard but im passionate to work with patients and love medicine. Is there any place i can do prereq fast and i can goto good school?

    I heard about FIU and is in my list. I will very much appreciate for your reply.
  10. by   selunurse
    My pleasure. I am thrilled to gain friendship of a fellow FMG. I dont feel we are better or less than our fellow Nurse students, but we do have many experiences that can benefit the nursing profession. After all we have the same desire as the next Nurse to serve and to provide love and caring to those who need.
  11. by   ricky75
    Hi selunurse,

    Where did do you do your prereq's for ABSN program? Are you going to FIU?
  12. by   selunurse
    Hello Ricky75,
    No i am not going to FIU. I did my prerequisites at Southeastern Louisiana University. I start the clinicals in spring 2011. I now know that it is much faster and easier to do a LPN program and then apply to any school through fast track programs. Apparently very few students enter through fast track so it is a bit less competitive as a four year program is. But i really wanted to get into SLU so i worked really hard and it payed off. I wish you luck and you can count on me if i can help in anyway.
  13. by   ricky75
    Hey Sel U nurse,

    Heartiest Congratulations !!! This is a big thing. I just sent you pvt message. If we could speak, i do need your advice.
    Wish you best,
  14. by   ricky75
    Hi Sel U nurse,

    Please can you tell more what you said above about LVN program and then enter into ABSN program? DId you tried DEMSN programs?