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I was wondering what kind of NP makes the most MONEY??? Please help and rank them according to salary. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read More

  1. by   ladylabor
    Linear thinker,

    NHSC is an awesome program. The health dept was not an approved site when started. I did the qualifying application as long as you meet the guidelines your approved. I am applying for my side of it in the fall. Now I don't know how hard it will be for me to get approved for the repayment. Hoping this works out for me I have a lot of loans.
  2. by   linearthinker
    I wish you well!

    A classmate of mine took a position at a HD. He paid his way through school and had no loans, so they are giving him an extra $20,000 bonus a year for three years.
  3. by   Jasil
    Wife's friend been a NP for 4 years just took a job at a local Urgent Care Clinic. It's 1 MD and now 3 NP's her pay is 78K Mon-Frid 7:30-4pm everything else she didn't know the details.

    My wife makes 81K as a RN, 8% 401k, and 3 weeks vacation + 13 company holidays. With 2.5-3% raises yearly and works a flex schedule 7-830am-3pm-5pm M-F.....her job is much more Safety, Admin, Osha, and Annuals then anything else.

    This is awfully disheartening to her. All this $$$ for school and it looks like will be a wash at best more likely a paycut!! Hopefully she will get to take of people more instead of doing admin, protocol, and procedure type of stuff.
  4. by   linearthinker
    I recently spoke to a new NP that took at $6/hr pay cut to be a FNP. She has no regrets. I will earn approximately $3 an hour more as a FNP but I won't likely work long enough for the difference to amount to what I spent on my education. Education and job satisfaction have to be their own intrinsic reward. If that is not the case, no, it probably isn't worth it.

    My compensation and benefit package are no where near as good as your wife's but I'd kill myself if I had to do that for a living.
  5. by   globalRN
    Alberta Health Services range for NP salary: 84,000 to 118,000/yr salary and
    doesnt include benefits which are pretty good. I think I read that somewhere very

    i dont work for AHS. They did offer me a position
    but it would have involved a paycut and less benefits and more hours.