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Hey all, The general salary figure I hear for NPs disappoints me as I'm sure it disappoints the NPs!! I mean an NP providing primary care which includes prescribing medication, diagnosing... Read More

  1. by   belladelicious
    My Aunt makes 90,000, and she live in rural Alabama. And crna start out at 125,000 a year here as well, according to her and people she knows.

    She was making 90, while under a doc(fnp)..but she just opened her own practice here, a few weeks who knows how much she'll make.
  2. by   belladelicious
    and when my Aunt resigned, the doctor told her she wasn't good enough to have her own practice lol. mean old man
  3. by   avigail
    I make well over $100,000 a year. I am an acute care nurse practitioner who runs an ER "fast track." I am affiliated with an ER physicians' practise who does my billing and provides benefits like health insurance and retirement. Nurse practitioners who are hospital employed are not paid as well as me. You have to move around to find the right situation and the right pay. Of course, money isn't everything.
  4. by   EastCoast
    Originally posted by avigail
    Of course, money isn't everything.

    No...but it makes going to work every day a whole lot easier.
  5. by   salvati08
    So if you were a neonatol NP, who worked in a NICU setting you would be one that would make less money, because you would be hospital employed? What would their salary be like?
  6. by   EastCoast
    I am presently hospital employed but am going to private practice. Quality of life is the biggest issue as I believe in the hospital I am underpaid for the level of service and responsiblity I carry. Also, as a part of a small group I have worked through every illness in the past year so as 'not to screw anyone over'. The benefits in the hospital were top notch. However, my new job they are actually better (except I won't accumulate sick time >>>that i never used anyway , but was nice to have as a cash out at the end of the year) and i have a greater degreee of flexibilty with my life. I will also be alble to remain with my medical privleges and credentaling at the hospital.

    The nurses in the hospital always felt i made 'alot' of money. In short...i made about 3 dollars more per hour than what a perdiem would make in the ICU. And that included me working holidays and weekends without shift diff and my lunch deducted though i couldn't leave the building.

    MORAL>>>shop around. It takes a while to get your bearings and all the experience you accumulate along the way serves as a great negoitiating tool when it's time to find a new job.
  7. by   hkr1963
    My current FNP salary at private family practice is $75,000 plus benefits. This is with < 5yrs experience. I have a friend in same situation with probably 10 yrs experience making $100,000. This is in southeast.
  8. by   PennyNP
    I have been out of NP school 1 year, I work for a neurosurgery grp. I work 4 days per week an average of 10-12 hrs per day, no call, no weekends and I make 85,000. I see pts in the clinic 1 day per week and the rest of my time is spent as a hospitalist.
    I plan to ask for 100,000 when I redo my contract in a few months and I feel confident that I will get what I am asking.
    When I finished school it was a HUGE pet peeve of mine that these practices are pulling in BIG bucks and throw their mid-level provider a few peanuts. A mid-level provider's pay should reflect the provider's pay. I agreed to work in the practice 6 months without a contract for 76,000, after the 6 months I told them we would talk. I worked my buns off demostrating my worth to the practice. I was the first NP in the practice. At the end of 6 months they did not blink an eye at my request for 85,000. I know my approach is not right for every situation. At the end of 6 months, I was ready to walk if they were unwilling to honor my request. I had decided that I would not allow myself the dishonor of being underpaid. This whole pay thing frustrates me, as I feel there is something wrong with a situation where the physician providers are making 800,000-1 million per year and the mid-level provider in the practice is making a 5 digit income. Okay, I'm off my soap box.
  9. by   EastCoast
    hi penny,
    i recently joined a private practice for nepro. and work 4 days.
    the 5th day is like just round in the hospital no office. the other 4 days are split 1/2 day office and then hospital. i picked up the practice of a physician who moved out of town.
    i too am making about 84,000 with full benefits so i figure that adds another 10,000 to the base. however, when i renegoiate i plan to ask for a good increase too. i have given them way more than they bargined for and take full call. the only thing i don't do is round at the dialysis center. they're great to work for but when i figure the hours i put in (probably close to 60 hours weekly with call included) i have a good argument for more dough.
    good luck to you.
  10. by   Sheri257
    Originally posted by EastCoast

    "Of course, money isn't everything."

    No...but it makes going to work every day a whole lot easier.
  11. by   salvati08
    Hello, so do you make more by working in a Doctors office type setting rather than working in a hospital. I ask because I am torn between going for the neonatal NP and working in a nicu or going for the family NP. Which is the money at? Not that it means everything I would just like to know. Thanks
  12. by   Dave ARNP
    The money is wherever you put it.
    If you want it bad enough, any speciality will make it for you.

  13. by   EastCoast
    I liked hospital work alot. However, there was not a lot of room when needing a raise. You were confined by the beaurocrats and the fact that most hospitals are crying poverty. I also worked with PA"s. They didn't realize that the average nurse probably made near what we made on most days and got the shift diff and what not. After I left another PA resigned. Since then they have upped the pay.
    I find that I might have more 'value' per se in private practice. THere is more opportunity to prove your value and that will mean easier bargining come the right time.

    I found it was very hard for the nurse in me to talk money. It still gives me the willies.

    Good luck to all