NP jobs with low US RN Experience.

  1. I am an international student doing my MSN with NP program in class of 2015. I am in the second semester of my degree. I have two years of RN experience in India but I don't have any RN experience in US as of yet. I can legally work after completion of the first year of my Masters (on CPT). With too much work load in my MSN, I will only be able of work part time which would give me little RN experience before completion of MSN.

    Would one year half time US RN experience plus two years of Indian RN experience be enough for me to find a good NP job?


    Should I take one year off from my studies and gain some RN experience before graduating?

    Your input is valuable.

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  3. by   vijayalakshmim
    I am sorry I Cant give an accurate answer to your query, but what I heat from my friends is that if you plan on staying in US, most companies look for your full time RN experience, the hours you served as an RN. They don't really care if you have experience in India. They need experience as an RN. I would like to know which university are you doing your program. Like to know further. Message me on
  4. by   BostonFNP
    Most of the time your prior nursing experience will not make much of an impact on your NP job hunt, save for speciality settings and the networking you gain from working as an RN.

    The caveat to this is that it varies much by individual with how you will do as an NP without much RN experience, but it sounds like you will have plenty by graduation in 3+ years total.

    My advice would be to continue on with your studies.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Much depends on your visa and immigration rules.