New Grad. FNP: Need advice on CE

  1. Hello!
    I am a "NEW" Grad FNP who will start my first career as FNP in ENT clinic. (I am in Texas!)
    My company only provides $1000 for my CE which is low(I guess).
    and also, I am not 100% for sure at this point of time but I do not think I will get any paid time off just for CE credits. So, I can only go to conference on weekends (at least I am off on every weekends).

    I know that AANP and also each states have their own CE requirements and practice hours. I do not worry about practice hours since I am working full time. However, I wish to know how to fill out CE hours in order to maintain my license and AANP certification.

    1. Please give me some suggestions for great FNP CE resources!
    2. I will work in ENT clinic. If this case, do I only have to look for ENT specific topics in order to gain CE credits? Or is it okay to take any kinds of CE topics such as derm, Diabetes, HTN etc.
    3. Since I do not have any paid time off for CME, is it possible to fill out all CE credits through online resources instead of attending a conference? If not then, I need to plan take off time from my personal leave or vacation time!
    I really appreciate your time! Since I have no idea what should I have to do! In my practice, I am the only mid-level provider so I really need your advice!
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  3. by   rlianne
    Your CE needs to reflect topics that pertain to your NP certification. So if you are a board certified FNP, you can do CE in any topic that pertains to an FNP scope of practice. If you are certified by ANCC they have a great tracking program on their site that helps you keep track of your CE. Medacape and PriMed have lots of great CE online and it's free and almost always ANCC and AANP approved. Congrats and good luck!
  4. by   CRF250Xpert
    I read Medscape while sitting at traffic lights. I feel very up to date since I read every day. Waiting all year for a big trip to a confernce and have to digest tons of input isn't a good fit for me. I get new info every day in small doses. Epocrates has docalerts, Medscape has Medalerts and CME. The way I see it, I am always evolving instead of getting updated once a year.

    Sidebar: A cop did take great interest in what I was doing last week - I was reading about the latest thoughts on how we undertreat gout. It was a red light - no driving and reading.
  5. by   AtomicWoman
    Have to pipe up for Medscape, too. Love it. And have you checked Advance for NPs&PAs? (or is it PAs and NPs???)
  6. by   sailornurse
    I subscribe to Prescriber's Letter for my pharmacology CEU's, in New Mexico, NP's must have 50 CEUs every 2 years, 15 have to be pharmacology. Thy send you a newsletter each month, or you can read it online, take the test for CEs. Also when you research a topic, you also earn CEs.