My first contract!

  1. Hello Everyone!!

    I'm a couple months away from graduating and received my first contract from a great Pain Management office. I've known these people since I graduated from nursing school (5 years ago). I also have been doing clinical at their office since January 2018. The offer is as follow:
    • Base salary is 100 grand.
    • PTO is 2 weeks.
    • Sick time 1 week
    • Bonuses will start after 6 months of employment based on productivity and Quality Measures.
    • CME $500 with no extra time to attend these classes.
    • Reimbursement for licensing and DEA
    • Medical and Dental after 60 days of employment.

    I have counteroffer the base salary to 120 grand and PTO to 3 weeks. I also asked for $1000 for CME. I do speak Spanish and have RN experience in Pain Management.
    I'm worried that I have asked for too much? Thanks
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  3. by   djmatte
    Sounds like you countered with exactly what I would have. Pain experience even as an rn is huge. Also knowing Spanish can be worth that part bump alone in some parts of the country. They will likely negotiate down, but I wouldn't walk just because they don't give you everything you ask for.
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  4. by   Rnis
    your counter sounds good. I think their vacation was too low (especially without CME or time off for it) . Best wishes
  5. by   ddzdenise23
    I'm just hoping for at least $110000 and with bonuses, I can complete the 120000. Thanks
  6. by   wishing2beRN
    So did they accept?