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  1. Ok here's my background: 28 yr old male, graduate in May '07 with Associate's Degree in Nursing (YAY!) and have almost enough credits to be considered a senior (went to PSU before for business, mom died, dropped out, long story short.)
    So...I am looking for ADVICE as to what I should do...I know that I control my own destiny, but any input I can get will surely give me an edge and be much obliged.
    My grades are good now that I am motivated. I am carrying about a 3.3 to 3.6 (depending on this semester, which so far is an A)....I also am married, no kids, but work almost full time as a CNA. So I have real life experience as well. AND our grading system is this: 94-100=A 87-93.9=B (anything below that doesn't apply to me, usually.) But I usually ride around a 92-93, which in most cases as I've seen, should be considered an A-minus instead of a straight B, which is a 3.5 instead of a 3.0!!! BIG DIFFERENCE! (This is just for the core nursing courses, not electives and prereq's) But at 8 credits a piece, this is kinda hurting me...I mean I am getting B's when I KNOW that I am way ahead of others who are struggling to get the same grade...I know, suck it up and get the fregin A! I pretty much KNOW that (for some reason) I don't want to be a staff nurse for the rest of my life. I strive for challenges, and I just plain aspire to go further than that (no offense to floor nurses at all, and I realize I will need some real life floor experience before going any further as well)
    Oh and my wife is going for her RN as well, she is about 2 years behind me (will be going for ADN so she can get into work force sooner as well).
    SO we need to decide on 1) Should I go directly into an RN to BSN program, and if so, which one? (while working as GN/RN F/T) 2) Should I go directly into RN to MSN program (more limited, prob involve relocation, finding RN school for wife) and go for CRNP? (or do I need more real life nursing experience to be a good NP and be respected?) (Note, I will be working as an RN while going to school...NO way around it)...Or 3) Should I just work, hopefully in ICU, get my BSN when I am able to, allow my wife to work on her RN, and shoot for the stars and go for what I REALLY want to: CRNA. This really baffles me, cuz i'm not sure if I am "CRNA Material" if you know what I mean. And I don't aspire to be CRNA JUST d/t the potential of wealth and status. I really LIKE what duties they have (I have shadowed a few)....But still...big risk, lots of money, and a definate need to relocate. Note: we do not have children as of yet! Anyways, i have also considered PA programs, but I don't think that "medical theory" is my style, especially since I have already been 'brainwashed' into the nursing theory! And I really appreciate the holistic approach, so...BUT PA is still an option I guess? Ok long post sorry. Help!
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  3. by   augigi
    It's hard to advise on your situation as so much depends on what's right for your family. On the basics, I'd say do RN to BSN when you finish, try and work ICU for a year. You'll know pretty soon whether you want to pursue CRNA, and even if you don't the ICU experience will stand you in good stead.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    First - I think its great that you are looking at several ways to complete your studies. I think that the RN-BSN option is the best. This would give your wife a chance to finish her RN too without having to change schools. (Very frustrating - I've done it). Also - if you then decide to go further, your wife will be able to work as an RN and help with the finances.

    Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do.
  5. by   Brad_RN_Student_PA
    Thank you for all your advice! Actually, yesterday my instructer totally embarassed me...she said she'd hire me on the spot for a psychiatric nurse, that it is in my blood! (that is her speciality)...And she then went on to recommend mentalhealth/psychiatric nurse practitioner to me, which REALLY has me thinking. Anyone know of schools that offer this speciality in PA? I've only found Pitt so far...Thanks again, keep the advice coming!!
  6. by   sirI
    Hello, Brad Rn Student PA,

    Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


    University of Pittsburgh - Psychiatric Primary Care NP and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Psychiatric Mental Health


    Dequesne University, Pittsburgh

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  7. by   galeyvette
    Hi, Brad. Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio offers a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.
  8. by   TouchstoneRN
    hey Brad, I say go for option #3, Let the wife get her degree, also if you are working at one of the major city hospitals then you can get family members education for reduced rate or in some cases free. You are wondering if you are CRNA material and the only way to know is to work in the environment, see what it really takes and then you will know. No matter what you decide you sound like you have the true heart of a real nurse...good luck...keep us updated
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  10. by   caldje
    always go for what you really want.. no matter what the reason. As long as it doesnt sacrifice your family and happiness. best of luck to you.