How useful are certifications for NPs?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am just wondering if anyone could give me their opionions regarding certifications and if they are useful or not for NPs who are new graduates looking for jobs. Do certifications still look good on your resume as an APRN and hold the same weight as they do for RNs? For example if I were to obtain my CCRN would that help me in applying for jobs as an NP? I know this may be a tricky question considering that I am going for my FNP instead of my acute care NP (I am currently an ICU RN), but I am just wondering if any other certifications would help improve job prospects such as the CCRN, CEN, OCN, etc. Obviously I am aware that I would need experience in other areas to sit for their specific certification exam.

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    My nursing background is ER although I now work in nephrology. I keep current:

    BLS provider and instructor
    ACLS provider and instructor
    ENPC provider and instructor - emergency nurse pediatric care
    TNS - trauma nurse specialist (an IL only thing)
    PEPP - pre-hospital pediatric care
    PHRN - pre-hospital RN license from IL

    I have been an APN since 2006 but I've been a volunteer fireman since 1999 so I do keep all my certs current due to that.

    Personally, I think it shows a level of commitment higher than just having the MSN. However, that's just my personal opinion too.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    Since you're asking if it helps with prospects of getting a job, I would say that our posting for ICU NP's (if we ever have an opening) typically states that CCRN is preferred but we also only hire ACNP's. Maybe if you're applying for an ER position, CEN would be a plus.
  5. by   linearthinker
    I'm going to do primary care only, so I've decided to let CCRN and CEN lapse. I won't be able to recert them next time anyway b/c I won't have the hours of care with that population. No point in paying again, IMO. the only comments I have gotten about either on my job interviews was to clarify what they were, b/c they didn't even know!
  6. by   globalRN
    I think having a basic cert is enough. I dont have my certs paid for nor do I get extra pay.