How much RN experience to get into NP school?

  1. Hello all,

    Well I hope you can save me some research time...I'm wondering how much (min) floor experience a nurse RN needs...before getting into NP school; and also I'm wondering, is it "bad" per say to go for an RN to MSN rather than BSN then MSN in terms of employement? What about the online versus not online courses/programs...pos'/negs?

    All advice appreciated. I just got my RN but know I will be heavily considering to NP as that was always the hope/thought of calling..... I'm just more cut out for that. Thanks
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, 777rnthatsme,

    check out these threads in this forum. all discussion regarding rn experience is contained/discussed here:

    np with no desire for rn?

    np education

    is it "bad" per say to go for an rn to msn rather than bsn then msn in terms of employement?
    employers do not care what your undergrad preparation is. just that you are qualified as np now and have experience.

    you can do a search and view many threads on "online programs".
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Siri is correct. Many threads on this site and many opinions. In the end, what is right is what is right for you. Good luck.
  5. by   christvs
    Plus, each NP school could be different regarding how much RN experience they want you to have before coming to their NP school. So I would make a list of all the schools you are thinking about attending, and asking them. Also, some schools require the GRE, and might even require a minimum GRE score, whereas other schools may not require you take the GRE at all. Happy hunting.
  6. by   Epona
    Hi. Just as a sidebar.. some schools require you to have a BSN. The OP asked about that. It depends on the school, but I have heard many schools look for the BSN. Check that out with the schools you are interested in.

    Thanks and best of luck!! Epona