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  1. by   Bumex
    Is this a serious question? If you honestly don't know of something, research what you are actually asking. This is literally the defining characteristic of a nurse practitioner.
  2. by   Buyer beware
    Quote from Extra Pickles
    since this fellow has been asking about whether he should be an RN or an NP or a DNP or whatever since June it looks to me like he's just trying to figure out if any of these careers is something he should pursue. based on the questions though it looks like he doesn't want to be a nurse so much as get a career in something and for some reason nursing looks good to him. that about right, Prime?
    Well I've heard that nursing has become the default thing to do because like there's so much money and prestige in it. So like really why get caught up in the minutiae when you can like live the dream. You know?
  3. by   Ashtimus Prime
    How far off base that is. I am working on my pre reqs for nursing school. I actually already have them done I just prefer to go to a private college and be a RN over being a LPN. I have already made my career choice.
  4. by   Ashtimus Prime
    That comment sounded pretty mean, but I have done research and I was just looking for actual proof from someone who has actually done it.
  5. by   Aromatic
    If it is proof you are looking for, the forums of the internets is not the best place. But don't take this as fact since I'm posting it on a forum
  6. by   RNomad
    NPs are primary care providers. They assess, diagnose, interpret tests, prescribe, treat, consult with doctors and other specialties, and followup with their patients.
  7. by   PG2018
    All of them. But generally after the patient submits their own diagnoses; ADHD and Panic. Lookin' for Xanax and Adderall, baby. I patented a vending machine in the waiting room to dole out controlled substances. It takes credit cards and even EBT cards.

    For those who actually have a legitimate problem, I refer to DNPs.
  8. by   Aromatic
    DNP= diagnosing nurse practitioner. The only real type. Us masters NPs are just pseudoscience degrees waiting with our fingers crossed to take advanced nursing politix and research.

    I also patented a gum ball machine that either gives you a percocet, xanax, or adderall laced gum ball. you don't know till you take it. Luck of the draw. We put them in the waiting rooms also. Too bad people tend to try to steal the machine sometimes. Have to bolt it to the ground with screws. We also sell biscuits and gravy on side. I make 10 million dollars per year and the DEA will never find me BC allnurses protects my identity.
    Also we have a plastic surgeon that does boob jobs for our patients. After 10 free visits you get a boob job for free. Only down side is he's legally bind and sort of has a Parkinson tremor.. but most of them turn out pretty good. Borderline and histrionics really get a kick out of him.
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