FRIED: 6 months to FNP and feeling down

  1. I can't believe I graduate with my MS/FNP in 6 months. I'm absolutely fried. I'm doing well in school (full-time) but between working night shift on the weekends, attending classes 2 full days per week and doing clinicals 2 full days per week, I'm ready to drop. I have one day off a week where I do nothing but sleep. I will be changing my status at work to on call but have 4 weeks until that happens and I worry about what my finances will be like. I could use some encouragement....tell me it's all worth it?
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  3. by   TPfan24
    It will be all worth it. You can do it!! Those last six month seem like the hardest especially throwing the holidays in the mix. I remember it well. My last year I went full time-2 full days of clinical, 4 classes, working part time 2 jobs and being active in family events. I even questioned my instructor on the clinical hours required. How do I do my Christmas shopping?? In the Spring it was research, I must have revised my paper 20 times!
    The 6 months will go by fast. Try to eat properly and get your rest. The day your clinicals and classes are over give a a good strong yell in the car like I did!
    Best of luck to you. Soon you will graduate.
  4. by   joyrochelle
    Oh honey--- I've got 6 more months too! Been working full time the whole way-- and will be finally dropping to PT or per diem even once I figure it out--- looking for a new position now as my current one has me on the ledge. When i worked nights I was a wreck -period. That has such a huge impact in my opinion! It is definitely worth it though-- you and I are short timers now sweets!!! The road reaches the peak just right up there! You can do it!
  5. by   lannisz
    Good to know it can be done! Thanks for your encouragement !:spin:
  6. by   sailornurse
    HI, Yes it will be worth it. Your MSN/FNP opens doors you have not even dreamed of!!!!
    Ok, if you do not need benefits consider going PRN or working agency if your city is big enough. That's what I did getting my BSN- I worked agency so that I got more money but worked less hours, bought my own health insurance.

    For my MSN/FNP I was prn at the hospital & worked agency to pick up $$$$$.

    I am now teaching at undergrad part-time (it does not pay well fulltime)
    work pt as FNP & work prn at local hospital plus agency in another city 45 miles away. Sounds crazy but it gives me lots of flexibility.

    IF anything get off nights, that will really help, esp if you spend the day after a shift in "zombie mode".

    Take Care
  7. by   christvs
    I can totally relate to you! I graduate from my ACNP program in 6 months as well, and I feel like I'm constantly thinking about what I'm doing next-classes, clinicals, labs, work, homework, family, the house, bills, augh!!!!! It's very overwhelming at times, and I now work per diem too, but still feel like these final months are soooo jammed packed with information, work, etc. Anyhow, I cannot wait for semester break-it starts this Friday!! I'm so looking forward to just working for a month, and coming home to no clinicals or homework! Yippee!!