FNP exam review

  1. Is there a study guide on CD that you recommend? I am going to a distance FNP program and thought I might get some audio digest sort of things for the long car trips! Also, has anyone used Kindle? I was thinking of getting one of those too. Not a lot of nursing titles are available for kindle yet though. Suggestions are appreciated!
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  3. by   kurtzmobile
    I would recommend Margaret Fitzgerald. I bought her CD's and she is an excellent speaker. She offers a review course as well. I think I paid about $450 for the seminar.

    Hope that helps! Happy studying!
  4. by   northbayrn
    I am also in a distance program (Frontier) and am getting ready to take the boards. As far as I have heard from everyone, Fitzgerald really is the best review source. What most people mention is her great cd's, which sounds like they would be really helpful. The only problem is, the only place I can find them is on her website, where they are $420! I'm not sure I can justify spending that amount of cash.
    Does anyone here have a set of used cd's they'd be willing to sell? Or any ideas on where I can find them? I've found nothing on ebay, amazon, or from google.
  5. by   donormom
    I am just finishing up a FNP program and have been studying Fitzgerald's reveiw. I found it on EBAY about 9 months ago. Just keep looking. Good luck!
  6. by   MissDoodaw
    I have a long commute for my FNP program, so I bought Barkley's 21 cd's I love it and I think it really helps. Whenever I have an upcoming test or new clinical I pop in the appropriate CD and feel more prepared!
  7. by   Sheri FNP-C
    I also bought Fitzgerald off ebay for significantly less than fhea.com. I have only worked through 2 cds so far, but also being a DL student I it is great to have "lectures".

    I also just ordered a book of questions off Amazon. I remember that when studying for my NCLEX-RN the practice questions with rationales were most helpful for me.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   kimsherr00
    Can you tell me if you liked Barkley's? I have Fitzgerald but find there is so much information missing. In addition, Barkley & Associates do not sell the cd's individually without taking a course. Did you take a review course? I am trying to find someone who will sell them without going to the review class.
  9. by   kimsherr00
    Where did you buy them? I tried their store and you have to purchase them with an online course. I found someone on Ebay who was selling them for $150 and I was outbid. I can't afford the review classes (single mom and all).
  10. by   NPinWCH
    I bought the CDs and the workbook together as a home study course. They were good review, that and Fitzgerald's review book that I bought from Amazon were all I studied and passed AANP first time. Barkley covers the legal/ethical stuff that the AANC tests heavy on that seems to be missing from Fitzgerald.
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  11. by   kimsherr00
    rninwch can you email me because I cannot private message anyone yet. kimsherri00 at yahoo. com