Employment Contract...Standard?

  1. I assumed a contract was standard practice for NPs, but I've just found a contract will not be drawn up for my new job. Previously I worked as part of a research study so things were all different. Now I've been offered a permanent position and when I asked about when to expect my contract, I was told this employer does not write contracts for NPPs.

    How, then, will I argue that I'm being scheduled for more shifts than we agreed to? Or that I was told I would have $2500 in CME? Or that I would work two weekends per month? Without a contract, they can schedule me to work 20 shifts/month and all the weekends if they want and I have nothing to use for my argument. Am I nuts to expect a contract?
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  3. by   Lovanurse
    I don't have a contract either. But whatever the Medical Director and I discussed at the interview, was put in writing on my offer letter.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Yeah I had a written offer too, no contract though. However, have been with this practice almost 7 years and no problems ever!
  5. by   TX RN
    Ask for an employment agreement.
    I know it sounds like another term for contract, but is exactly what you were expecting in the first place;
    A written offer with your lists of duties, benefits and compensation.
    I would ask for something in writing.
  6. by   mammac5
    Thanks, all. I will request that tomorrow. Even though I've worked for this employer for the past 15 months and I've been treated very fairly, I still prefer expectations to be in writing so there are no misunderstandings later.
  7. by   CEG
    I have a written offer letter but no contract at my job. In my case it's because they don't consider NP's to be on par with the physician staff so it doesn't occur to them. I asked for one and was told no. I did have to sign a noncompete clause, though. Apparently I am not good enough for a secure contract but possibly good enough that someone else would want to employ me

    Given my experience I would be leery of taking another job without a contract, because I think it reflects on their overall attitude towards me (i.e. physician "partners", NP "employee" although in reality we are all employed the same way by the same company). So it may be just fine, but I would say buyer beware! My last job had a very specific contract that spelled out leave days, sick days, work days, etc.
  8. by   Sadala
    Quote from CEG
    I did have to sign a noncompete clause, though.
    Say wha? Is this common practice? Specifically, if you don't mind my asking, what does it bar you from doing and for how long?
  9. by   mammac5
    I asked for a written offer letter today. No answer yet.
  10. by   CEG
    The non compete clause says I can't perform my same specialty for any other private employer within a 45 mile radius for a year following termination of my employment there. I think it is fairly common as I signed one at my last job as well. I guess it's to prevent you from stealing your patients away... I will be moving far away from the area where I live now before I change jobs anyway.