Credentialing process and Day-long Interview. What's involved?

  1. Hi. I just graduated in August and finally have an interview next week for a position I'd really like to have. This is my first as an NP, and I'd like to know how bad those day long interviews are and what they ask etc. First, in the morning,I have to meet with the CEO, COO, and Medical Director. Then shadow one of the docs. Then meet with others individually who are involved in the position. Then go back to see the Medical director and do something with the EMR. I am scared for sure. Feel like I will need to know more than a new grad might. Also, they sent me a pre-credentialing form already that asks birthdate. I have not even had the interview yet. I am an older graduate and would like to not share my age just yet before interview. I know that is illegal for them to ask at this point. If you know about the credentialling process and day-long interviews, please I'd like your opinions and thoughts. I am a bit scared. Thanks.
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Don't feel nervous about knowing things you shouldn't; the practice should expect you to be a novice entry-to-practice NP. If they are asking things you don't know then likely it would not be a good job for you as they would be expecting way to much.

    Likely they want a head start in credentialing as the process is quite long. You should not have to provide them with anything without an offer.
  4. by   Barinbass
    Hi Thanks for your thoughts. Do you happen to know anything about the interview process when it is an all day affair when group interviews as well as individual interviews are held. Also, I have to shadow with the doc at the location and demonstrate on their EMR which I have never seen. Anyone go through this thorough an interview process? What was it like?
  5. by   phillycpnp-pc
    Hey I'm a new grad that just accepted a job. For this position I had my 1st interview for this position back in fall. I just met with the practice manager, she gave me an overview of the practice, benefits, etc. I then met with the head MD and he asked me a few questions and showed me the EMR system. He then took me to lunch and asked me some more questions. This day lasted 4 hours. The next part did not come until December. I shadowed the NP for 5 hours at one of the office locations. Part 3 consisted of me interviewing with the practice manager again and the other partners of the group. This was a a little scary and i was sweating lol but i held my own. They all just took turns asking me typical interview questions, scenarios and behavioral type questions. The funny thing is I prepared for tough questions and the one question that caught me off guard was "why do you want to do primary care?" lol an easy question i wasn't expecting. Some things they asked were about my 5 year career plan, if there any pt populations i was not comfortable with, how do i handle conflict, some pt type scenarios and what would i do in those situations, etc. And it took about about a month after the last interview to find out if i had the position.
    Another job i interview for and got but turned down was a hospitalist position. This was an all day affair. I shadowed the NP for 10 hours and then met with the medical team for an interview. They asked similar questions but i felt they did most of the talking.

    I was really nervous too. But just take your time answering questions. Make eye contact with everyone. As Boston said they are not going to expect you to know anything beyond what a novice NP should know. Good luck. Hope this helps.
  6. by   Barinbass
    Thanks so much! I had not thought about the possibility of there being another interview after this one. I am hoping they get it all done in the one day. CEO,COO, and Chief Medical Officer in the AM and then site staff and shadowing at the location in the afternoon.
    then back to the starting place for the EMR demonstration. Thank you for sharing your experience and sample questions. I do want this job.
  7. by   phillycpnp-pc
    No problem....good luck with everything. I hope its all done in one day for you.
  8. by   Barinbass
    HI, Just to update, I did have my interviews today. I did met with the admins for a tad over an hour and it was not tough. Then the afternoon session at the site didn't go exactly as planned in that I met with the others in a group as well instead of the group and individual meetings as was scheduled. Back at the original site, I spoke with the Medical Director at length. He said I interviewed great., My resume was easy to read and clear. He thought that due to my experience as a RN, I brought a degree of maturity to the position that was an asset. However, because the particular site was having a lot of turnover, because they just lost one of the MDs, because he was not sure what the remaining doc was going to do, and because the position did require me to be at a additional site all by myself which I did not know about, he felt that it was not a good fit for me. He added that they did not have the support he felt I deserved and needed as a new grad, but he wanted to help me find a place that could support me as a new grad. He added that the HR person wold send me the contact she had and he gave me a couple of places to check. He also wants to revisit this when I get a year or two of independent practice. That seems impossible!! where does a new grad start in an area that knows only FNPs exist and requires experience? They kept calling me an FNP. I am an AGNP. It seems like every employer is totally unaware of other NP tracks except FNP and PNP. I plan to keep in touch with them as this was with the county, and they have many more contacts than I ever would and can possibly help open doors for me as I have interviewed with all of them. It went well. I am glad I did it, and do understand their concerns. I just do need a job!
    Thanks all.
  9. by   BostonFNP
    It sounds like you did everything right.

    It would have been a tough position as a novice, so don't feel bad about that.