Anyone work for Matrix Medical Network??

  1. Sounds like the peeps that work in the office are overworked but wondering how the NPs feel about the company?? How are the hours, etc?? The recruiter makes it sound like gravy but we all know how that goes. LOL. Thanks for your feedback!
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  3. by   carachel2
    Are they recruiting now to do in home wellness visits on Medicare patients ??
  4. by   froggg123 usually has good employee reviews, interview tips and salary ranges I would try there for some inside. Very helpful when looking to change jobs, also make sure you review your current job so others can benefit too :-)
  5. by   angiebal
    anney1981 - did you end up taking the position? I am talking to a recruiter about a full time position right now and wondering if it is as good as it sounds?
  6. by   Maria,NP
    Angiebal, are you currently working for Matrix? I would appreciate any helpful information. I'm talking to a recruiter now.