Any NPs working for the VA?

  1. Are any of you guys working for the VA as NP's? I have just gone through an 11mos processof back and forth with them and just got my offer. I am personally and professionally offended at what was offered. I am so shocked right now at how low they went I cant see anything but red. Please let me know if there are any NPs out there who are happy working at the VA.
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  3. by   IcySageNurse
    How low was it if you don't mind me asking? And what specialty of NP? What area of the country?
  4. by   myelin
    I'm surprised. You're a psych NP right? I heard from one NP that psych NPs get good offers from the VA (this was in the pacific northwest though). I bet it really depends on the area, maybe? Where are you? I'm also very curious as to what you were offered (sorry, had to ask!)
  5. by   NPAlby
    73k in Phoenix, Psychiatry with 10yrs RN and 2yrs of that as NP. Prior active duty military.
  6. by   futurepsych0
    I'm not a nurse, but it appears the top pay is in the low hundreds. One individual did make close to 200 in AZ. They don't seem to separate NPs from the generic nurses in this database. Federal Employees Search
    However, I'm sure their benefits are pretty good. I hope this link helps give you a better idea of what they make even though they don't specify what type of nurse or what role they are filling.
  7. by   juan de la cruz
    I've heard of NP colleagues get low offers at the VA. Their pay scales are available to the public being that they are a federal agency and looking at this data does make it look like they are below private practice or state employee standards as far as salary. However, I have spoken to NP's who ended up taking a job offer at the VA and are able to increase the starting salary a bit more than the initial offer. What I was told is that the VA has a complicated point system for salary determination and things such as advanced degrees, faculty experience, multiple specialty certifications, published research all can make your salary go higher than the initial offer. That's pretty much what made these colleagues sign up with the VA along with the federal employee benefits that you won't find anywhere else.
  8. by   juan de la cruz
    This is just a point of comparison based on the corresponding websites of these organizations for a similar position in the same metro area:

    VA Palo Alto (federal): $95,460.00 to $139,136.00 / Per Year
    UCSF Medical Center (state-owned): $125,076.00 to 162,216.00/ Per Year
  9. by   NPAlby
    Thanks for the info everyone! I knew from the get go that the VA pay was going to be a lot lower but 40k lower? Are you kidding me. And yes I know about the tier system and how they give you points if you were on committees blah blah. But again 40k lower than i would make as an new NP? It's just straight up offensive. I've made that amt as an RN woking 36hrs/week.
  10. by   futurepsych0
    New NPs start at 113k in your area? I may have to move to AZ when I'm done with school
  11. by   NPAlby
    Quote from futurepsych0
    New NPs start at 113k in your area? I may have to move to AZ when I'm done with school
    yeah I think I was making 120k but that was because it was contract work with no benefits. I have worked as a contractor since becoming an NP so my view of salary range is a bit skewed. That being said I would not get out of bed for 73k.
  12. by   daktari36
    I am in between a VP Np job and state job offer. I know the state offer but I am awaiting the VA offer. Not sure what to expect from the VA...
  13. by   Aussierules1985
    I love your information guys, I feel like coming out of school, we have no idea what the norm is.. especially if you're moving.
  14. by   NPAlby

    If you dont mind... what state, specialty and please keep us posted on the offers!
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