American Journal for Nurse Practitioners

  1. Desperately searching for this journal - it contains an article that I want to use for my research proposal! All the links I have found are "broken" and I can't access it through any library searches. Does anyone here have access?? Thank you!!!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    Do you know the name of the author of the article? If the author is a faculty member or a public figure, you can search their contact information with a google search. Then you can ask for the article by email.
  4. by   llisamar
    What article are you looking for, provide specs, and I can try to access if for you.
  5. by   rninme
    Thank you! Looking for Deanna R. Tolman (2011). Breaking away: The ethical case for Nurse Practitioner independence. Vol 14, Issue 7-8. If you can't get to it ... she is on Linkin, I might try to contact her there and ask if she can send me a copy. Can't hurt right?
  6. by   llisamar
    Sorry, I was unable to retrieve this journal through my school databases and the journal of NPs .
  7. by   rninme
    I am having the same problem! Thanks for trying!
  8. by   core0
    Try emailing the author. She shows up on Linkedin and Researchgate.