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Greetings! I would like some input on a situation we are dealing with. Patient X has lately been denied their disability claim, because they refused to attend the court hearing for the... Read More

  1. by   redhead_NURSE98!
    Was there really a question here? lol Reminds me of the people on Judge Judy when she asks them about their disability, some of them tell her they are on disability for panic disorder, agoraphobia etc. and of course she points out it didn't stop them from boarding a plane, going to a courtroom and getting in front of cameras for millions of viewers.
  2. by   lilshrimp
    I knew someone who had Agoraphobia. I knew of them eating out once...and behavior during the outing was really strange. However that person did attend their disability hearing.
  3. by   morte
    has she been drug tested, is she actually taking the med, or is she selling it?
    Quote from AngelfireRN
    Exactly, and she's noncompliant with one quarter of the treatment, and resistant to the other three quarters.

    We always provide the info you mention upon cessation of a medication or treatment, but in this case I hold very little hope that she will comply.
  4. by   AngelfireRN
    We drug test on a routine basis, and she is usually positive for the med. But you and I both know she could sell all but enough, take it just before her visit, and still show a positive result.
  5. by   NPAlby
    I'm a Psych NP and would recommend weaning her off the benzos. Apparently what she is currently doing is not helping her "agoraphobia." I'm a lil suspicious of her saying no to another other med other than benzo. I would like a UDS to see what else she is doing. Of course this is just reading these posts and not reviewing her chart or meeting the lady. But eh doesnt sound like she's your patient so I would just continue to say NO if she asks you to sign off on her "agoraphobia." My thing is you want to get a paycheck for your condition fine,. But then you better be working towards getting better and not just collecting a check and popping pills.
  6. by   NPAlby
    Not in my practice. I use vistaril buspar SSRI's. I have to see psychotic agitation before I write for a benzo. Just coming to the office and telling me you are anxious and the only thing that works for you is a xanax, valium is not going to fly. Of course sometimes you end up inheriting pts on boat loads of meds and you work with what you got.