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  1. So I just finished up my adult NP at Duke and I want to get gone from here in a hurry. Where are the jobs for someone with my degree? Also I hear I will likely not be able to practice until SEPTEMBER!!!?!?!?!?! I need a job now. I would also like to stay away from federal employment if at all possible. I thought about taking a temp gig at a psych hospital with the idea to save what is left of my back. Am I totally delusional? So to sum up, 1) What jobs can adult NPs do? 2) How do I fill the employment gap until I get a job/get certified? Help help help.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Are you still working as an RN? Which state are you in? Have you applied for jobs or are there few in your location?
  4. by   nursetim
    No, not yet. NC, I am sending my resume off but that has been fruitless thus far. I am trying to get to Washington state.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    If you JUST graduated, then you probably are still in the process of applying for the certification exam. I would sit tight in an RN position anywhere at this point while you study for the test and wait for your exam date. In the meantime, keep your ears open for potential employers such as hospital units, hospitalist groups, as well as primary and specialty physician practices interested in hiring an Adult NP. The first job is the hardest to find and I'm sure the economy has made the situation even worse.

    You mentioned wanting to work in Washington State. You will have to endorse your RN and NP license there before you can work there. That will also take a period of time to materialize.
  6. by   nurselele05
    I am in the same geographic area. Been here since 12/08 looking for work. I am a currently a travel RN. I wish I could lock down something but jobs seem very few in this area.
  7. by   efy2178
    I will recieve my adult/gero NP msn this July. In Iowa, we can start our own business. One of my friends is an FNP and she points out that primary care practice will not hire me because I do not care for children. But I intend to start my own business to care for those with cholesterol, htn and diabetes screening/management. I intend to ask a local gym owned by a corporation to allow me to open an office there. Check state practice laws. Iowa is very supportive to independent practice.
  8. by   msmith
    Wow that sounds awesome about Iowa! Makes me wanna move there. I wish other states would follow suit. In time, hopefully they will.
  9. by   efy2178
    Get involved with your state legislature. My professors are very proactive and have been very involved with the bills that come to the iowa legislature. You need to be proactive. My feeling is NPs are a group of nurses who are a step above the rest with regard to being proactive and will look for ways to advance nursing. If you want the laws to change, you have to take steps to change them. It is not that difficult. Find out who are your representatives and start writing to them. It is easy online. Get hooked up with your state nurses association and help write laws that allow nurses to do more. Nurses have more numbers than physicians and we each have a vote. That really counts! Good luck!
  10. by   traumaRUs
    It also helps to be part of a statewide organization. In IL, we have the IL Societ of Advanced Practice Nurses and we lobby in Springfield for laws that will protect/help our practice.
  11. by   nursetim
    WOW, more replies than I thought. I thought I put a notification on, guess not. Thanks EFV2178, I was thinking of just moving to WA state and just start doing house calls for $100 a visit (no insurance) or something along those lines.