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This is not a single question more so than an opportunity for anyone who has recently become a nurse practitioner and/or started/finished the nurse practitioner route in FNP or any other specialty really; to bring insight into how the experience has been for you.. What issues occurred along the way.. moments of "holly crap" i'm getting this.. or just how a weekly routine has encompassed your daily living during such a specialized advanced nursing route. I have recently applied to two NJ based nurse practitioner programs, and am awaiting the response which will not be for a few months. I just want some advice or what one's who have started an NP program and wished they new prior that could help myself as a future NP student. Thanks everyone! ENJOY the SNOWSTORM if your living in the TRI-STATE area today..

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!HOLLY CRAP! is now my new favorite exclamation!


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It's snowing a lot in New England too.

Not a NP, but I think everyone, at every level of every job, has moments of sheer terror at the beginning, then gets settled in, then starts feeling like "Gosh, I may actually get this," and then gets the "Aha! I got this!" The time frame for each varies, but it's a pretty normal pattern whether you're starting out stocking the shelves at the Best Buy or being an NP.

Good luck on your placement!

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