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Nurse Not Following Doctors Orders!!


I work with a L.V.N. who tells us that she doesn't give doctor order sleeping pills after midnight, and also tell family members that she doesn't think that they shouldn't go into to their rooms at 2a.m. in the morning when the person of the nursing home called them to come up their because they wanted to see them an be with them because they were scared an all they wanted was to see their family members so that they could at least rest easier than what they are going to. One resident wanted to see her daughter an so the resident called her at 2a.m. in the morning an wanted her daughter to come up to the nursing home where she was at because she was scared an just wanted to see her daughter, well the daughter got up an got dressed an came up to where she was at an the Night nurse in charge said she wasn't going to tell her mother that she was their an that she didn't think that she should have been called .

The other night this same nurse told another resident's family member that she wasn't going to give her daughter her night time sleeping pill to help her mother sleep at night an yes it is doctor order but still she didnt' think it was the right thing to do an told the daughter that she didn't think that the sleeping pill was working either .

Please help me decide what to do because this is a No win ordeal here , because of whats going to on their now .


Not to mention the stuff that she makes us do .

She chops up ones medicine an puts it into a jelly sandwich an hands it to us to give to this one resident so she doesn't have to.... Now mind you we are just C.N.A.'s an we are passing dr.order medicines now.

Confused In Texas

To begin with it is against state law for anyone that is not certified to administer medication to do so. The State Board of Texas states it is against state law to adimister any medicine that you peronally did not get out yourself

and certify that it the correct medication for the patient.

How can you be sure that you are actually giving the correct med at all?

If it happens to be something that the patient is allergic to or if the patient has a reaction to YOU are the one that will be held responsible.

If a patient is becoming stressted and needs a family member I will call them.

Older and very young patients can become disorented and their condition actualy deteriate if they cannot be calmed.

This LVN seems like she needs a good lesson on ethics and be admitted to the hospital and ignored for about a week. DO not let her out of bed, put her in restaints and take your own sweet time when she needs to go to the bathroom or needs to be fed.

About the making CNA's pass meds...that is illegal and should be reported to the supervisor. It is unacceptable in any situation.

As far as the sleeping pill...it is up to the nurse to give the pill or not based on the pt's condition. Sometimes with the elderly sleeping pills can have an opposite effect. They can become confused or combative and are more likely to injure themselves. I don't know if this is the case with this particular resident though. Not letting her see her own daughter though when she's scared is ridiculous. What a witch.

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I would report it to your supervisor immediately. I could not imagine not allowing a pt. to see their family if they were scared and had called them.


giving the sleeping pill is the nurses job, however this LVN doesn't seem to have the skills to make the decision about the medication. At the very least the nurse should ask the patient's family how she responds to the medication, or call the DR and ask for Benadryl as a sleeper, or any other med that may have mild sedative actions


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This 'nurse' should be ousted from that hospital & lose her license. Pathetic!

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