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Nurse-Midwife Question


Can someone explain the eduction/training for Nurse-Midwives?

If you were an RN and wanted to be a Nurse-Midwife, would you have to start completely over? Or is there some kind of post-graduate certificate?


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From what I know you have to have a BSN and then apply to a midwifery program which can be another 2 years. Check out Frontier Nursing University in Kentucky. Hope you find the info you're looking for.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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You'd go for you master's in midwifery.

In the US, but I was wondering about in Australia.

As far as I know, I just did another 1 year training as a midwife and that was it.


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You must apply for a diploma or masters in midwifery and then, depending what state you are applying in , apply for clinical placement for at least 3 days a week. In Victoria these are mainly unpaid, in NSW they are paid. On top of attending uni studies a great amount of time ( your own time is devoted to attending at least 20 women their appts and labour and attend post nat appts. These wonen you have to find yoyrself though the uni and hosp does give the mid student access to clinics and advertises for women on students behalf. It is not an easy course.