Nurse manager made false accusations against me. Can I get them expunged?

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A nurse manager and her cronies made false accusations against me. Due to my Social Anxiety Disorder, I would never have been able to survive a trial. My lawyer suggested I plead no contest, and I did. What I didn't know, is that I would have this blot on my license forever. I took the classes they told me to, I had no complaints before this and have had none since. Is there a way to get this expunged? This happened in Michigan.

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I'm sorry you're in this predicament.

So, I assume the false accusations led to criminal charges, to which you pleaded no contest?

In any case of false accusation, nurses must consult legal professionals specializing in health law to protect their licenses and careers. The American Association of Nurse Attorneys helps nurses find nurse attorneys specializing in the healthcare industry, licensing, and representation before the Board of Nursing (BON) and Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).            

Expungement and Employment Background Checks

Expungement is a helpful way to prevent the reporting of criminal charges and convictions to potential employers, except for government jobs. Employers generally do not conduct extensive FBI-level background checks.

Benefits of expungement. Expungement can prevent the reporting of criminal charges and convictions to potential employers. Once a record is deleted, it is typically removed from public records, meaning it will not appear on most standard background checks conducted by private employers.

Exceptions for government jobs. The rules can differ for government jobs, law enforcement, or positions requiring a high level of security clearance. Government agencies may have access to expunged records during background checks, especially for sensitive positions. In such cases, expunged records might still be visible and considered.

Additional Considerations

  • State laws vary. The specifics of expungement, including what can be deleted and the effect of an expungement, vary by state. Some states may allow certain employers, like those in healthcare or education, to access expunged records under specific circumstances. This is where a knowledgeable nurse attorney can help you.
  • Honesty in applications. When applying for a job, it's essential to understand the questions being asked. If an application specifically asks about expunged records or if you are applying for a position where expunged records might be accessible, it's crucial to be honest, as misleading information can be grounds for disqualification or termination. Please read the questions carefully, as they are all about how they are crafted.

How to Get Records Expunged in Michigan

In summary, while expungement can effectively prevent most private employers from seeing your criminal record, it may not shield you from more thorough background checks, especially those conducted by government agencies or for positions requiring high-security clearances.


I'm sorry to hear you were taken advantage of like that :c something similar happened to me. The harassment got so bad I needed to have a voice recorder when ever there was an interaction (I am in a one party consent state and Michigan is one as well, I was not recording any patientinteractions just ones with the nurse supervisorand their chiq), I had witnesses (my aides) who I had a good report with.and I documented documented documented (do what you say, say what you do, the interactions, dates, times, locations,ect). When they did try to do something to me me with all my evidence that said otherwise the company started singing a different tune and had the DOH, DOL, OSHA, and a few more local government agencies down their back and we all had to take a bunch of workplaces insessions after that but they left me alone after hr chewed them out. 


While I don't have much advice on getting it expunged in your state there is 2 lessons to be learned here.

1:why having private nurse is important, especially if legal Council is included such as berxi (they have a plan that does include legal Council and defense).

2:CYA and Document Document Document. At the end of the day it is your lisence and most nurses/ organizations won't help if your lisence is suspended or gets revoked even if it was from their actions.


But I wish you luck in your future endeavors