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I was in a situation recently w/a co worker (who does not do share of work, but bemoans and groans the whole shift) and confronted this individual to pick up her load. The nurse manager pursued a witness and concocted and embellished a story stating that this witness had stepped forward and complained about this confrontation. (This did not occur at all - witness was pursued.) I was written up and asked to sign a statement which I declined to do. I was off w/scheduled personal time for a couple of weeks. Coming back to work made me anxious w/this nurse manager - who is very abrasive and unapproachable.

I finally met w/DON to clarify incident and the fact that nurse manager pursued witness, that witness did not step forward to complain. The DON did listen - it was a good meeting. I am uncertain if the nurse manager was confronted on this new detail. But, I am wondering how a nurse manager could lie to exploit an employee and not get fired. I could have gotten fired.

I have been w/this organization for 8 months and have strived to take on new duties, help agency nurses, picked up shifts - even on holidays when my family was gathered. It was quite frustrating to be in this situation.

I am wondering if I should report this situation to HR.

Any suggestions?


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I have had a horrible experience with my first nurse manager 10 years ago & despite numerous staff going to DON & up the chain, it took FIVE years for administration to actually have a 'thick enough' file to terminate her. I think that's pretty crappy, but she knew the right people and fooled others for awhile.

She sounds just like yours: blatant lies, false documents, staff-splitting, provoking hard feelings & causing drama. I also don't know how much you should think the DON took what you said to heart. They have to meet with concerned employees and listen, but not always objectively, and they can often be just as bad as managers. So, just proceed with caution there, unless things were said/written to another effect. Even though you had a positive experience with your DON, you don't know what he/she is really thinking behind that smiling & 'yes, I understand' statement we all have heard. She could be best friends with your manager; you just don't know.

The only advice I can think of, is to keep your head down with your manager and make sure everything is documented appropriately. I would also ensure you make a copy of ALL documents you fill out, as things sometimes have a way of getting lost.

Please let us know how things develop, IF they do; Hopefully this incident will die quickly... but I'd be prepared for more.


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Thank you for your reply. I was going to let the incident go, but a co-worker who has had negative encounters w/this newly appointed nurse manager, encouraged me to meet w/DON even though a month had passed.

Do you suggest going to HR? My past experiences w/HR in other establishments have not been supportive - but instead a negative reflection on me, so I hesitate. However, how can someone so blatantly prevaricate be trusted and kept on? That stymies me. I would have been fired, and indeed, I watched a fellow nurse, who had been w/this company for 11 years, let go because of an incident w/the same co-worker who did not pull her load, and refused to help.

Crazy world. I thought that becoming an RN would be like stepping into a sisterhood, not a step-sisterhood. It is disappointing.

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A classic case of bullying. Nurse manager is on a power trip. Nurse manager will not only get away with it, she will now turn her attention onto YOU.

HR is NEVER your friend. Finish your year there... start looking for another position... NOW.

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Agree with Been There. Avoid HR, avoid your manager. If you have a sh*t nurse manager, your work life will be hell. Best of luck to you.


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Get outta there ASAP. Year of your only one life doesn't worth this sort of "experience".


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Thank you for your feedback. To follow up - I met w/the DON once more to report more targeting. The DON did speak w/the nurse manager. The manager is resigning. I don't know what went on behind closed doors, but the letter was removed from my file.

I know that I am well liked by others in Admin, because I do strive to learn and take more on.

Thanks again folks! For once, I feel as though speaking up for myself was well worth it!