Want to move to a coastal town with a great hospital to work at as nurse manager

  1. My family is planning to relocate within the next 2 years. We want to move to a costal town, preferably on the east coast. I am in graduate school and will graduate in 1 year with my MSN with a nursing administration focus. I am currently an assistant nurse manager of a pediatric rehabilitation unit and I spent 10 years as a bedside nurse in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I love pediatrics, but for the right job am willing to expand my horizons. In addition to a being a coastal town, wherever we live has to have a hospital that nurses love to work at... you know, that healthy work environment kind of feeling . Any suggestions?
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  3. by   llg
    Which section of the East Coast? Maine is a lot different from Florida.
  4. by   Cville RN
    I am really not sure. Taking suggestions and going from there.
  5. by   Susan317
    Don't pick RI ,taxes will kill you. Look further south.Like the North or South Carolina
  6. by   Swiftright
    I use to live in Cape may and Wildwood. There are 2 hospitals down there, Ocean city and Cape May Courthouse. Its a freaking nice area, cost of living isent to bad either. We had a 2 bedroom apartment 2 blocks off the beach that cost us 550$ a month. Wildwood and Cape May Courthouse both have great schools. Tax wise the place is a teaparty utopia, I swear that my taxes seemed to go down when ever I earned a raise.

    The bad side is that traffic during the summer is unlike anything I have ever seen. It can take 1 hour to move 1 mile at times. (during the Fire fighter convention it took me 5 hours to drive 2/3 the way down the island of Wildwood) I myself use to ride a bike or walk during the summer. Also while renting is not to bad I have heard that the cost to buy a house is really Really high.
  7. by   lrobinson5
    It isn't on the east coast, but people around here swear by Hoag Hospital. I think they have a hospital in Newport Beach and Irvine. I have heard very good stories from both patients and employees.
  8. by   wookieRN11
    I agree with Susan317. Taxes and cost of living is much cheaper in South Carolina, but you may also take a pay cut which goes along with the cheaper cost of living. There is the MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) Children's hospital in Charleston.
  9. by   Penguin67
    Memorial Medical Center, in Savannah, GA. Has a great peds floor, PICU, NICU and Heme onc program.
  10. by   sheronep
    Quote from Penguin67
    Memorial Medical Center, in Savannah, GA. Has a great peds floor, PICU, NICU and Heme onc program.
    Advance for nurses is having a online job fair for this hospital next week.
  11. by   passionflower
    Memorial Medical is my future dream job based on the hospital feel and the town. Savannah is gorgeous and filled with true southern hospitality and old world charm. Tybee Island is about 15 minutes away and feels like paradise. We vacay there every chance we get! Live in Atlanta now but planning to retire and do prn down in Savannah. Maybe you should try a short trip and see for yourself.

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