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  1. D.O.N. mentioned we need to do a 672. Can you please explain what this is?
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  3. by   RN 4 Life
    The form 672 is your census and condition form that is usually updated by the unit managers or charge nurses on the floor and submitted weekly to the ADON or MDS Coordinators weekly. This form allows you to give the DOH an updated list of information about the residents you currently have in your building. When DOH surveys your building you have 24 hours to give them an updated copy of the form. The following link should take you to a copy of the form I found on the internet.
  4. by   rn4unva
    And may I also add.... do not rely on the Unit Managers and Charge Nurses to be 100% accurate with this form. I was a State Surveyor- and have been in LTC almost 9 years now...... currently as the Director of Clinical Services/ADON at a LTC facility- I always update my own copy, because historically the Unit Managers do not keep their's TRULY up-to-date. Just a thought. I am a seasoned ADON, still do not claim to know everything there is to know about LTC- never will because it changes every minute. But if I can help you in anyway, do not hesitate to ask.

  5. by   Twix
    i feel sorry for the ADONs in Texas, when I use to in New Hampshire, we have a scheduler on staff, one less thing for ADON to worry about. Now my ADON is stressed out ,because our DON does not like to be on call, I have seen our ADON do a double 3 to 4 times a week when she can't find cover, no wonder she's quitting.
  6. by   SarahK73
    When I was DON I always kept my "Survey Ready Binder" with all the info that I would need when Surveyors walked in. I tried to update it every week atleast. You should be able to go to your states State Survey Guidlines and get copies of the state specific form that they will want.
    I was in LTC as a DON for 6 years, I finally decided to move on but I stayed for as long as I did becuase I had a wonderful ADON who was truely my right hand man. You need to be able to count on eachother for support becuase you rarely have anyone else.