Creating Policies and Procedures

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in a new management position and opening up an Urgent Care Center. I was wondering if there are any templates or manuals already created for policies and procedures (clinical/HR/etc)?

    Can anyone share any information on this?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Check out the Urgent Care Association of America info:
  4. by   islandbsn
    Thank you for the response. I should have stated that I already checked with UACOA as I am a member. Nothing has been created yet on the web site. I know that I can purchase P&P online but I was hoping to find something free. I have already googled "free P&P manual for UC" but I have had no such luck.

    So if anyone out there knows of any free policy and procedure manuals for Urgent Care Centers please respond.

    Thank you so much.

  5. by   pediatricpractice

    i am the Marketing Director for a Pediatric organization and am opening an Urgent Care Center.

    i am also, looking for some free Policies and Procedures. Although, i am going for the annual conference in October, kindly share some info if you have.

  6. by   pcarmichael
    I was wondering if either of you received any responses. I am also new to nurse managment for a multi-specialty group of about 70 providers. If anyone has any resources for clincal policies and procedures, please share. Also looking for triage policies and procedures.

    Thanks for any help that can be provided.
  7. by   travelnurse2009
    Have you tried ? They cover many topics and send out free emails frequently on the topics you choose.
    Another place to check is The Cooridor Group (use your search engine). You can purchase policies already written and revise to what your standards are.
    Hope this helps!
  8. by   ehresources
    I havve my own business and had to write all of the policies and procedures. I'd be willing to help. It can be a huge job. I spent about 1 year writing them in my spare time before I took on staff. :typing