Clinical Director interview - HELP NEEDED!

  1. Hello community,

    I am interviewing for a position as a clinical director next week and I just need some help with resources in preparation for the interview.

    Currently I am a manager in an healthcare center so I have the experience needed in that area. What I am looking for specifically is what should I make sure my contract spells out at the new position?

    This is the last interview I am having for the position and thus far we discussed job duties, benefits, salary and flexible scheduling to allow me to continue current outside positions such as the various boards I am on.

    This position will be starting out as one thing and next summer will grow to include my skills as a APN as I will be graduating graduate school at that time. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row for what I will need in this new position but I feel like I am missing something.

    Has anyone ever moved up in the ranks from manager to clinical director and if so I would love some advise!
    Thank you!
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  3. by   netglow
    Ha ha. I'm far from that in respect to nursing, LOL. BUT!!! I can tell you that you will need to think globally. Be prepared to answer the big questions as far as keeping all you survey at best practice (how you would go about this continually). You may get some obtuse questions about your vision, your style, etc. You might need to give examples of what you saw needed big change, and how you went about turning the ship. OR you might meet some of the bigger players and they will try to find out if you are someone they feel they can have confidence in, and that you will respect them in return. They want to know you are creatively smart, but not so new to all this that you've got a wary chip on your shoulder that would make you defensive and unsuccessful.

    OR they just want a yes dude/chick, and then all you need to do is nod (just kidding).
  4. by   Zen APRN
    Thank you for the reply! I actually know all the bigger players and there is only 1 above this position I am up for. I am looking more for the details of what to make sure you have in a contract prior to signing. Does that make sense?

    Thank you again!
  5. by   WideAwake
    I am in this situation. I am a clinical manager being hired for a Director position but will move into that title in about a year. I am also in grad school. I wanted it on paper when I accepted the offer but was told that it would be a plan that my CNO and I would work through. I trust my new CNO and workplace, so I was ok with it. I accepted this manager offer but am more concerned with my next package offer when I take the director title. I'll be learning this next year and have to hire my staff un over a year.