Any LPN/LVN DON's or ADON's or in Management Somehow???

  1. Okay I know that it is possible because at the last facility that I was at, the ADON, was an LPN. I don't know how long she's been a nurse but she's been their ADON for 9 years, and she's pretty young. But anyway, how would a person go about doing this. I plan on working in LTC straight out of school, and I want some type of management position after my first year (I may be an RN by then), but just in case I am looking into an online Health Care Management Degree program, or something. Do ya'll think that will provide me with what I need to have one of these positions, or some other king of management position. I don't believe that just because a person is an LPN, and not an RN, that they can't have he same management responsibilities as RN's simply because management is just that management. True true nursing skills are an essential qualification for the job, but from what I have been hearning from a lot of ADON's is that their jobs don't really have much to do with nursing unless, you are talking about hiring and firing the nursing staff, or scheduling them. So what do ya'll think? If I go for this degree it will be online while I am, in school to become an LPN, so I'll have some under my belt by the time I start nursing. And just in case no one knows my current plan here it is:

    While in LPN school, do all of the pre-req's for EC's LPN to ADN program
    Be done with LPN school by Jan. 2007
    Start working as an LPN
    Finish EC's LPN to ADN program 6 to 12 months after, I become an LPN
    Start working as an RN
    Start on EC's ADN to BSN program and take my time with it

    And now somewhere in that mix, get into nursing management, preferably while I am still an LPN. I know I have goals that seem far to some, but I won't limit myself, because I think when people do that they are just giving into that old stereotypish phrase "Just an LPN", and I refuse!
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    Having your RN would definitely help in have to be an RN to be a nursing home DON. You'd have to have a BSN to be a DON in ( most) hospitals and to work for the VA.

    However, your work experience will speak a lot louder. IMHO, an place that would put a newer nurse with little experience in a ADON or DON position is probably not the kind of place anyone wants to work for ( and can't get anyone to go near the position).

    The staff depend on the ADON & DONs experience and judgement. How would you expect to lead people in a profession you've barely worked in? I suggest you plan to spend some years working the units to build up some real experience rather than just depend on paper credientals.

    Also, a lot of folks go into school thinking they'd like this or that are of nursing and then realize that it isnt what they really wanted or thought it was , or found something they liked a lot better.