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  1. Hello to all the nurses in Management out here,

    I am a young ( I mean barely legal) young minority male nurse, who is interested in working OB/NICU/Peds

    I will be graduating in December, and I just recently interviewed for a job at a major medical facility, in a not so diverse town... However, the interviews all went well, two lasting more than an hour. I answered all the questions as I knew them and I had been prepared, I was invited back to work with a nurse on one unit for an hour, and did a two hour shadow in one unit, and on the third unit after the interview the Nurse Manager told me that she was sure that I would get an offer, well however I did not recieve an offer on any of the three floors, and I don't understand why a manager would 1. hold you in an interview that long, 2. invite you to work with one of their nurses after you have been at the hospital for about six hours, and three. tell you that they are sure you are going to get "several offers".

    I am not blaming anyone, and I am not playing the race card, but would sincerely appreciate any insight, as to living out my dream and becoming a NICU/OB Nurse.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    What about following up with a nice note to all the managers thanking them for thier time and letting them know that you are still very interested in working at their unit.

    That way you will know. Plus, they are probably interviewing several candidates - see where the follow-up gets you.
  4. by   mydesygn
    Did you interview for any pediatric positions or were they all OB/NICU? From what I understand, it can be difficult for a male nurse to get a position in OB and to some extent NICU. However, I have worked with several male nurses in pediatrics. I have never heard of ever shadowing a nurse after interviewing and when I was a manager, I would have never asked a candidate to do that. I would politely ask for a tour but turn down a "shadowing" oppourtunity. i would probably say something to the effect that it would be a burden to the staff nurse at this point but I would accept the oppourtunity to tour the unit/area. I have to wonder about the staff nurse's input from the "shadowing". Some interviews I had when I managed lasted about an hour, most were less, but I would not keep anyone longer than that.
    I do live in a large urban area and as a "black" nurse, I have not had any difficulty obtaining a position so I would not be able to speak to the issues that would occur in smaller less diverse areas.