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I work in a Rehab center...for 6 months I tolerated this ONE DOCTOR who is the ONLY doctor that takes care of all the patients in this facility....he is very nasty and makes horrible remarks against... Read More

  1. by   sissiesmama
    It is definetly hard to deal w/docs like that. Like PPs I don't think suing or threatening to do so would be very beneficial - but I would keep a paper trail if possible of all the negativity and poor behaviors he shows toward u - keep in mind if u do say something chances are that your co-workers may not step up and back your accusations. I've seen a few nurses get thrown under the bus when something like this happens. Adm will at times take the MDs side no matter what happens -

    Good luck dealing with it!

    Anne, RNC
  2. by   classicdame
    It may be defamation in some states, to defame a licensed professional. However, if your administration is not backing up you guys then you probably have no options except to leave
  3. by   tnbutterfly
    You have received adequate opinions here on how to handle the situation. We cannot provide legal advice per the Terms of Service of the site.

    Bottom line.........Anyone can sue for anything. However only legal advice from a qualified attorney is your best bet to determine if you have a case for a lawsuit.

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