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I don't know what made me remember this but I had a coworker once with whom I had developed(I thought) something of a rapport. Well one day we were in the nurses' station and I jokingly made a... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Quote from elthia
    To revive an old thread. I was recently fired by a pt. Her complaint. I multitask while in her room. I talk to her while feeling her legs for edema, asking about bowel movements. I ask her about walking while picking up the room. I listen to her lungs, while the vital sign machine takes her blood pressure. I then throw away the trash in her bathroom as I check for output, all on my first visit in the room!!! It's too much!! I ask her if there is anything she needs, and I bring....ALL AT ONCE. I need to slow down. I'm rushing her. I'm too busy. She just feels she can't get good quality care from me.
    Yes, sounds about right. Complain about success.
  2. by   abbaking
    I was a new CNA on the acute med/surg floor back in 2003. I was a hard worker and willing to do my job to the best of my ability (which I feel I often did - Great perceptor).
    My 90 day eval came and the charge nurses wrote fantastic stuff about me - all but one. The guy was a big brown noser with the NM.
    In a nutshell he wrote that I was unprofessional, unorganized, disrespectful, lazy, mentally slow, and disruptive to the unit. I was a terrible offender and the NM just went with it.
    That man also once took me in the office and ask if i knew how to do my job. Yes I do sir. No you don't - there was a post op pateint who had no vital signs taken after being on the floor for 5 minutes. You are a disgrace to nursing and I am surprised your working here - I am talking to the NM.
    He was a sadistic evil man not to me but to other CNA's/LPN's/RN's. He made a few of them cry.

    But What goes around comes around -A few years ago I heard he was diagonsed with stage 4 terminal lung CA w/ mets - Less than 6 months to live
    Don't expect a sympathy card from me - But i will go to your funeral wearing white
    and I will thank God each an every day you are not on this earth screwing people over
  3. by   Been there,done that
    I actually got FIRED (my one and only time) after 2 weeks on the job.

    I wasn't smiling enough.

    I had just lost my Dad, my best friend, my brother, and yes, even the damn dog died in a 3 year period.

    I was still the best nurse on that floor and communicating well with my patients.

    Guess I wasn't perky enough.
  4. by   rnccf2007
    I was once banned from a patient's room, because his wife said she was afraid of me because of "my wild hair, and crazy eyes."
  5. by   rnccf2007
    [quote=TriageRN_34;1979735]I have been told I am too cheerful!

    LOL, one of my co-workers got a negative yearly review because of his "unnecessary glee." I kid you not.
  6. by   chartingtildawn
    My parting words to the caregiver during a home health visit was, " don't forget to call the office for any increased SOB or any falls, even if there no injuries" to which the CG replied, "well that's just common sense, I'm not stupid!" I explained that we always review home health safety education and 1st call procedure with our patients and caregivers. To which she replied," well, you can just take your education and leave" Gotta to love trying to help people that are mad at the world. The kicker is she said she pastors a church, I'm thinking hmm, The Church of Hell!
  7. by   canesdukegirl
    I once had a pt's brother tell me that he didn't want me taking care of his brother during surgery because "my name sounded Middle Eastern". My last name is a very common German name. When I assured him that I was American (not that it should have mattered, but he was making such a stink about it), and then resumed to interview my pt in the pre-op area, he went to the front desk and told the charge nurse that he didn't want "that danged girl with the racist name taking care of my lil' brother!".
  8. by   tokmom
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Someone complained that my smile appeared to be fake.

    Do you walk around looking like this?

  9. by   Yiggs
    The silliest complaint that was made about me was that I "didn't socialize with the staff enough." This was brought up during my evaluation, can you imagine! The truth is I am not a talker and I hate to make small talk just to be accepted or be a part of a group...I don't talk about my life at home and I definitly do not participate in conversation about other people (no I am not a Saint, it's just something that I tell myself I will not do). At break and lunch time these nurses want everyone to meet at one spot, eat, smoke and talk trash. I don't smoke and chose not, so they said I was not social or is it sociable? Otherwise, my eval was good.
  10. by   tokmom
    We had a complaint written to management about the floor nurses. We were all too happy because he had heard laughing on occasion and it didn't make him feel safe.
  11. by   tokmom
    When I was a CNA years ago, I was told my shoe laces were not tied correctly and was told to re-tie them the proper way. ( I double knotted them because they were too long). If it ever happened again, I was going to be written up.
    of course this was back in the day when a nurse showed up for work in suntan colored panty hose and was told to go home and change them because they were inappropriate.
  12. by   dudette10
    Quote from TriageRN_34
    I have been told I am too cheerful!

    LOL, one of my co-workers got a negative yearly review because of his "unnecessary glee." I kid you not.
    Was he singing show tunes during assessments?
  13. by   pedsnrs1
    Was told by my patient that I was not allowed to give her a rectal suppository anymore. Evidently when I gave it to her, she had no results and told the staff I must have put it in the "wrong spot".