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Had a patient yesterday who was refusing to sign his consent for a pacemaker. His nurse called the cath lab (where I just happen to work) and asked if one of us could answer a few questions that he... Read More

  1. by   st4304
    I started this post because it seems every day I go to work, something funny happens or is said by my patients. Here I go again. . .

    The other day we put a pacemaker into a 74 yr old woman. Her incision site (directly above the right breast) was oozing blood, so we put a pressure dressing on it. I was held the wad of gauze while my co-worker taped across hthe patient's chest with the stretch foam tape. When we were through, the way the tape was pulling on her skin, she had cleavage to rival a Playboy Bunny! We teased her about it all the way up to her room. (She was a pretty "hip" gal!)

    We took her up to her room, where her husband was waiting. She pulled the front of her gown down, leaned forward, and said "Look, honey! A boob job!" His eyes about popped out of his head, and when we left, he still had a big smile on his face. (By the way, I took a big roll of that tape home myself. . .who needs a Wonder Bra?)
  2. by   robieyratt
    I always like it when I am the patient and a new intern is checking me doing blood pressure etc etc etc and ask "are you allergic to any thing?" humm the crazy person I am no matter how much pain I'm in at the time I say stuff like "yea I'm allergic to arsenic, LSD makes me see things, THC makes me hungry, and carbon monoxide" the wierd thing is sometimes they write it down and give it to the attending. Which brings up the point: its not only the wacky things patients say could be the wacky things we do.