The MD's view of Nurses

  1. I feel like the physicians in my facility do not fully appreciate my workload and all of the things that are expected of the nurses they work with. I also think they are not aware of the nurse patient ratios, and what it means for THEIR patients. I wonder what other people think about this, and I wonder what physicians think of a nurse's workload.
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  3. by   bunky
    I've had a chance to ask a few of them, and while one was sympathetic to our plight, the other two seemed to feel that we had nothing to complain about and that we were overpaid.
    Sad eh?!
  4. by   justanurse
    I work in a CCU/PCU. There are two groups of cardiologists that work in our area. And, we have a competing hospital across town. I will say that the smaller group of cardiologists that work with us day in and day out and treat us with a lot of respect have been to administration and have had a few words with them. They have had several "discussions" and let them know exactly how they felt about how their patients were treated and lives put in jeopardy with the staffing that we had to endure. Right before I took off for FML, administration closed down 1/2 of our beds in CCU, because they just didn't have the nurses to care for a full load of patients. Nursing supervisors still wanted to put patients in those closed beds, but it was nice for once when administrators said "no" and stood by it. Finally, they are hiring some nurses. And, I am going back to work. I don't think much else has changed, but I'm trying to not be too pessimistic.