Techs don't listen

  1. I've been at my nursing job for a year now. I'm a shy person and I've worked hard to overcome that. But these techs don't listen! When I ask them nicely to do something, or remind them, they roll their eyes, say they'll get to it later (even if they're on their phone and the Pt needs to go to the bathroom). Meanwhile I'm jumping up and grabbing call lights. At first my boss was supportive but now she says it must be something with my communication since "nobody else has this problem" (which I know isn't true, it is well known that the techs here are lazy). It's getting frustrating. They give me excuses for why tasks aren't completed, and make me feel like a nag when I'm just doing my job. Even patients have commented on how rude they are! I guess it's part of my job to be a nag, but on the other hand I feel like I'm putting in 110% and the techs put in 50%. I try so hard to speak to them politely and help them when I can (I was a tech before too, but I never acted like this to my nurses). I make a big deal to thank them when they do the right thing. Do others feel like they are constantly nagging their techs? Should I just get used to the rudeness and swallow my pride? My blood pressure is increasing as my work satisfaction decreases.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Decrease the instances of nagging, and increase the instances of written counseling statements for their employment files. When patients complain, that means things have gone too far. Each and every time a patient complains, you need to generate a writeup to the concerned tech. Stop answering their call lights. They are doing too good of a job training you to do their job. Keep a copy of each writeup for that time when you are being criticized at your annual performance review for slacking on supervision. Somewhere along the line you should also bring this to the attention of your supervisor (regarding individual techs) in writing. You can't do your job when your supervisor won't do theirs.
  4. by   brownbook
    Don't ask "nicely", say in a firm voice, "I need Mr X changed now." or "I need you to take Mrs. S to the bathroom now." Or "I need you to answer the call light in room 218 now."

    It isn't a magic cureall trick, but it sometime helps.
  5. by   quiltynurse56
    I also wonder what the cell phone policy is at your facility. That is one place to start. Pretty much all facilities I work at have a "no cell phone on the floor" policy. Enforcing that is another thing to work on too.