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Our floor is culturally diverse. We have employees from all walks of life. We recently had a patient on the floor that said that he only wanted white nurses to take care if him. I'm not sure if our... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    I would venture to say that racism is less of a 'two-way' street - as there are waaaay more than two races in this world - and more a function of 'human nature.'

    There are always going to be people that, for whatever reason, need to feel superior to others on the basis of skin color, income, material wealth...or whatever. It's unfortunate - and the real losers are the ones with the prejudices.
  2. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    Racism is such a sad and terrible thing in this world. But if you break racism down to its basic component, that is fear. I served in the Marines, I lived and worked with a lot of different races. I also learned as had been taught to me by my hippy parents that I had nothing to fear just because someone was of a different race. Therefore without fear there is not any racism. If I am accepting and calm and respectful to other people I get that in return. If someone patient in the hospital is being unpleasant and racially abusive, I find out what they are truly afraid of. Sometimes that is all it takes to end ones tirades. And often that fear has to do with something else but just surfaces in a easy outlet mistaken for Racism. Therefore I am self assured, calm, respectfull, and pleasant to people who are under stress. I have been able to work easily in situations that have stressed others, I guess I am just lucky with who my parents were and for what the marines have taught me.

    Without Fear there is no Racism
  3. by   LEN-RN
    Quote from stillwant2banurse
    I can relate as well, I work for a hosp and it is not the patients it seems to be the management. I work on a very diverse floor and when we are being scheduled, our mgmt will give the white nurses and techs first pick of the schedule and give the AA the left over. If we need to schedule time off, or pick up a extra shift we have to make sure the white nurses or techs do not need these days or shifts first. You would think senority would count be no, not here, there are several employees that see this but everyone is scared to speakup because we need our job
    That is SO wrong. Its against the law!! If I were you, I would make copies. Keep records. You need to report it, do you have a corporate office? Its best to start there. Then if you have ANY trouble with your job(intimidation, write ups ect) you would have grounds for a lawsuit. There is NO reason ANYONE should be treated like that. And its against the law!!!! Please dont settle.
  4. by   paganoid
    Quote from niasmith
    students and teachers that are of other races, minorities, etc have had snooty attitude towards me in the past(i'm aa) so it's like whatever to me now
    i'm white and male. when i heard another student make stupid remarks about a certain a-a friend, i loudly told her, "her words are not important and we cannot hear them. besides, it's not because you're black. she's just jealous because you are so much prettier."

    we giggled. all was right with the world again.

    i believe as nurses (yes, even as student nurses) we bear the responsibility to put right what is wrong in the world. not the whole world, just the piece of it that's in front of me right now. countering some racist idiocy was the easy one, that day.

    my favorite quote from starhawk: "i pick up beer cans in my path, not because i feel guilty when i don't but because i feel empowered when i do."



    ps: today, on my last day of maternity rotation, i was told by my assigned rn that i will be an outstanding nurse! how cool is that?
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  5. by   AOx1
    I think the most upsetting thing to me is how racism breaks up potential relationships. When we judge people in simplistic ways, we all lost out on the possibility of new relationships with each other that are positive, and just contribute to negativity. Who knows if the person you are criticizing might not have been your future spouse, close friend, or valued coworker if you didn't judge them on such a thing as skin color.

    Personally, I don't have a relationship with around half of my husband's family due to the issue. His grandmother is supposedly very religious yet still spouts racist comments all the time. I asked her why she would do this, and she tried to say that the Bible says we shouldn't mix races. It broke my heart. I asked to point out that part, since I knew it wasn't in there. I asked her to refrain from hateful comments or we wouldn't be able to be around her. She chose racism. Now we have no relationship with her or my husband's father, who made constant stereotypical comments like "You know how those people are." I told him I didn't realize he had met every member of the race he was commenting about, and how if he didn't personally know ALL members of that race, then he has no business generalizing. It had no effect.

    I tried to reason with them. I tried to love them from afar inspite of these horrible shortcomings, as I myself have so many shortcomings. However, I just couldn't do it. There is a difference between having faults like we all do and espousing a doctrine of hatred. We chose to draw a line, and no longer see them. Not only is their hatred and racism hurting those they inflict it on, but also their own family.
  6. by   paganoid
    My father used to tell me, "Yes, I am a racist. I hate ********."

    Me, I'm too busy for hate, which requires a significant investment of time and energy. Don't like me? Click. Dial tone. Goodbye.

    I hope the other grandparents can provide a suitable arena for your young 'uns. Best of luck to you.

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  7. by   MedSurgeMess
    To all those who say that some people who are racist can't help it because they were brought up that way, I say Bullspit! My sister and I were brought up by racist parents in the Midwest. I'm the black sheep, because I think racism is stupidity. My sister, unfortunately thinks it's okay to say things about others in regard to any aspect of their life-race, religion, skin color, ethnic beliefs, etc-most times to their faces. But let someone say something about her, and you'd think they'd tried to murder her. I generally cannot talk to her, because once I hear the N word, I just hang up. She tells me that "we talk like that in Mississippi, that's just the way it is, get over it". I doubt everyone in MS talks like that!! I figure that I'm over 5 years old, I know right from wrong. Racism is just wrong. Now if the rest of the world could just get the message, maybe we could focus on real issues in the world!
  8. by   NiaSmith
    "Also, having a white friend who is married to a black man with biracial children doesn't prove anything. Heh, sorry, but that argument was used a LOT"

    um, i'm black and have personally seen my friends that are white deal with racist crap worst than i have
  9. by   blackvelvetine
    I worked at a place in boston that actually brought in white cna's from ireland to take care of racist patients. the nurses themselves hold a holier than thou attitude, in the literature nothing is ever mentioned about mary eliza mahoney and countless aa nurses that served in wars etc. all they talk about is nightingale...they make it sound like she uncovered everything all on her own. right! do your job and make sure u volunteer in aa community to help folks who truly appreciate it.
  10. by   KidzNrz17
    I live in Georgia, too. Things like this are just stupid no matter where you live and work.
  11. by   WoofyMutt80
    I remember when I did home care and the elderly would call my agency and specifically request and I kid you not "a Caucasian, ENGLISH speaking aide"! Well that narrowed it down to 3 Caucasian English speaking aides!
  12. by   PumaAngel
    This happens all too frequently. But as long as the hospital puts such a huge emphasis on patient satisfaction surveys we will continue to see patients put unrealistic demands out there...and we will continue to see them met if for no other reason than to get a piece of paper back that says positive things. As long as we keep telling patients that they can have any and everything they want to make sure they are satisfied, they will keep asking for it and think its perfectly OK to do so.
  13. by   LelaRN
    I too work in good ole Georgia right outside of the very diverse Atlanta; but I started my nursing career in upstate New York and it's the same both places. Let the pt. have their "White Nurse" little do they realize in some areas nursing is becoming more minority because White RN's tend to go higher up the ranks and more of the floor nurses are minorites. Pretty soon when these racist bastards the shouting about wanting a "white nurse" there won't be one-- you know the D.O.N or a manager is NOT gonna step back down to work the floor just to take care of a racist, no insurance having jerk !!!