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Hi everyone, yesterday I was in charge on the afternoon shift with two other nurses. A male nurse did not like my allocation because he wanted the lightest load. So he began telling me that I should... Read More

  1. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    You may be ready to be in charge of a functioning unit. However, that is a messed up dysfunctional unit and lets face it you broke down and cried in front of the unit bully. Nobody is forgetting that anytime soon. With enough time and effort people would forget but honestly is staying there worth the effort? The reason why it seems like bullies and slackers run bad units is because they do. Get out of there
  2. by   maxthecat
    You might stay and try to treat this as a learning experience IF you had management that supports you. But if this has gone on for 10 years I would assume they are aware of the problem and have chosen to do nothing about it--not uncommon, unfortunately. If you want to be charge you will need to learn to deal with issues like these, but this environment is not the place to do it, especially since you probably now appear to the team as someone who can be manipulated. I agree with the posters who have recommended that you get out.
  3. by   hppygr8ful
    Quote from Flossy73
    Another example healthcare assistant on the internet all the time, when you ask for help, " I will be there in a minute" they keep sitting there. So its hard to work in a environment like that.
    This would be grounds for immediate termination where I work. Accessing the internet by phone or one of the unit computers is forbidden. Did you write this person up?