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When will nurses ever learn to delegate? When will nurses ever collectively stand up and get some backbone--Fight for higher wages, and better benefits like a company matching 401K plan? I get sick... Read More

  1. by   tattooednursie
    *pulls wings off of a fly* whu? Talkin to me? .

    I know the whole illiterate thing. There are some real stupids out there. I'm sorry, but there really are.

    You know how that one Murphey'd law goes "Your buddies reading the paper at the desk will dissapear out on a smoke break whenever you need help. " I went through this today!!!
  2. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by PhePhe
    When will nurses ever learn to delegate? When will nurses ever collectively stand up and get some backbone--
    Hiya, the title grabbed me.

    I just started a new job. There is a CNA who oriented with me who has not worked as an aide before. I have 23 years of experience. This girl the first time I worked with her tried to tell me how to do my job. Telling me so and so needed suctioning when I'd just left the room and I told her I would go down. She got irate and wanted me to drop what I was doing (pouring meds for the same person she was telling me about). Also telling me someone needed tylenol and when I didn't jump after asking her "how high" she got on my case. Also, she will be working on someone and she'll tell me in a very bossy tone what to do.

    She will also argue why something doesn't need to be done when I ask her to do something -- turn someone, take vital signs, etc. Very authoritatively!
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    [i]I feel like the filling in a sh*t sandwich..... [/B]
    I have NEVER heard that expression before! It is PRICELESS. It would be funny except that we really DO feel that way about work sometimes and it sucks.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{filling in a sh*t sandwich}}}}}}}}}}}
  4. by   cheripa
    What if some anonymously embarassed them in front of the group! Treat them like children if they act that way! Even make a copy of there job description and get a poster made, then write the ones names on it that do not accept the resposiblity of there carreers!
  5. by   redshiloh
    Well, it IS nice to know we are not alone. I thought WE were just the only ones with CNAs that want to call the shots. Unfortunately here the way it runs is; 'give me what I want or I go to the union, if I don't get what I want THEN, I file an EEO grievance.
    These normally amount to nothing, however, it takes a lot of time out of a NM schedule to handle them.
    THATs why NM often ignore the problem.
    By the way, physical assault is against the law...why didn't those nurses call the law?
  6. by   cheripa
    What if some anonymously embarassed them in front of the group! Treat them like children if they act that way! Even make a copy of there job description and get a poster made, then write the ones names on it that do not accept the resposiblity of there carreers!
    I'm sure all the RN's will get pulled aside, but Hey! It will be worth it! Yeah it's petty, but sometimes in order to get people to understand something, you have to stoop to there level, or embarrass them.. they figure that all the other cna's will look up to them because they are disobeying.... they will show the RN's... they seem to be doing it on purpose.... get under there skin! Make THEM get frustrated! It's all a game to them... play it! :0)
  7. by   cheripa
    oops! Sorry! I just realized I posted the same thing twice!
  8. by   Chaya
    Having been an aide on the same unit where I work now I hate to be the delegation person on principal. But when I have to be, there are a few things that help things go smoother. I try to make sure my aides know what is required of them and why (ie- let me know how Mrs. X's foley is draining because if she's not getting rid of fluid it may be filling up her lungs...). I give them a chance for some input to their assignment ( I will ask if they want to do their dinner assignment and tell them however they divide it is OK as long as they all can agree AND the unit is covered at all times. Or I may break up the pt assignment so that the aide with the most acute pts get fewer pts, and let them choose who takes which assignment). I make sure to pitch in with pt care as time allows. And when the lights are going wild I grab everyone, nurse or aide, who isn't already in a pt's room with gloves on or carrying meds into a room and say "There are five lights on; everyone grab one until we are caught up"-then I take the first one. Last, I try to let the aides I am working with know why they need to be on the ball; their eyes and ears are our "first alert" system and can keep a pt from getting into serious trouble. We all need reminding that pt in there could be my/your dad or grandma! (Of course then if I STILL get attitude- I get a little hissy myself!)
  9. by   roxannekkb
    >>A good friend of mine (RN) was recently picked up and thrown by a Nigerian CNA at the LTC where she worked. This CNA did not want to write down the meal percentages. My friend reported the incident to mgmt., and showed them her cuts and bruises. They actually sided with the CNA!!! They made a bunch of excuses about how it would be so shameful for his family if he was fired. Of course, my friend quit. Mgmt. just couldn't understand why<<

    I would've called the police the moment I hit ground, if someone threw me, and pressed criminal charges against the CNA. As far as management went, if they couldn't see that this person was dangerous, I would also do whatever it took to get compensation and/or sue them for refusing to provide a safe workplace. Or something to that effect. The only way management ever sees the light is when nurses take action, and do more than just quit. It's one thing when a CNA just refuses to work, or is rude, but quite another when they're physically harmful and nothing is done about it.
  10. by   pcelest9
    Sorry, to see what some nurses think of CNA's. However, for the most part we do our jobs and quite well. I work in one of the "highest ranked" rehabilitation hopitals in chicago, and tend to work well with the RN's. In fact, most new grad RN's tend to lean on the support of good Cna's. I am so glad that I finally decided to get registered because I have been reading the posts for a couple of years now. Wow, I can finally reply to some of these statement.

    Yet, I do agree with allot of the statements Phe phe mentioned. As a future RN student, I've learned that even the most evil nurses that see a person willing to learn.....changes her attitude. I have mixed emotions. But, yes there are allot of lazy CNA's and Lazy Rn's.

    Lastly, I noticed allot of conversation about delegation. Hey, I fine with it, personally, I don't have any problems with Auth, but some of you nurses need to be careful with some of the things you DELEGATE! Please realize that we are hear to assist you and the patient.

    If you wonder why some PCT's or NXT' or Cna's seem resentful, as yourself, " Was it my Approach" I'm sure that you guys don't like the way some MD's address you. Let's be nice to one another. Damn. Sometimes you guys can be very mean too. Especially, when an MD has just chewn you out for not following an order! Hem, then **** rolls down hill? huh?
  11. by   pcelest9
    I agree, that the support should not get to friendly with Doc anyway. It usually comes up to bite ya in the you know what! As a CNA I am fully aware of my position, support my patient and RN. I remember once a paitent asked me how safe was Trip bypass surgery. I said I call the nurse in so that she can discuss it with you. Do you know, the next day I came in the Cardia Surgeon came looking for me, and asked? " Did you tell my patient that she should get a second opinion?

    Well, my point is that yes some aides step way out of there boundaries, especially if they fell comft. with the Doc. Hell no, not me. I barely fell comft, with some of the RNs I work with.
  12. by   babs_rn
    Originally posted by FutureRN_Mandi
    I feel that it would be very difficult for a nurse to push meds, do treatments, call doctors, do their charting, inserting cathiders, calling families, in addition to answering call lights, doing vitals, toileting patients, laying them down, getting them up, feeding them, CNA's charting, showers, doing ice pitchers, among many other things. I think nurses should be greatful to a good aide. I really try hard to be a decent aide even though I'm not miss speedy.

    Obviously you haven't worked in the hospitals I have, where we nurses do EXACTLY all that, and even clean a pt room after d/c as well!

    I always appreciate a good CNA, PCT, whatever your title may be. That person will make or break a nurse's day (if not his/her job). Always hate working without them.
  13. by   PhePhe
    There are bad nurses and bad NAs..I agree it is always best to approach ANY coworker politely. There is no excuse for rudeness. A good NA is worth her/his weight in gold! Often I am treated rudely because I am from an agency. I try not to go back to those places.