Inappropriate conduct amongst male-female nurses

  1. Ok, I have recently been accussed of being sexually inappropriate amongst my peers. Only problem is, I have not. I had one women who, for whatever reason, decided to start these rumors about me and take it to HR. Now, this woman has a reputation for stabbing people in the back and known for making up stuff. So HR completed their investigation, I was suspended and then returned to work and cleared investigation. None of my coworkers felt I was inappropriate. But people whisper now. Just recently they hired a new receptionist, she is 18 years of age. The other day she asked me if I would be interested in going on a date with her. I told her I was flattered but politely said no, I am married and much too old for you. She proceeded to tell me she liked married men and attempted to get me into a discussion about sex. I just walked away from her. Now HR has me under investigation again because this young girl is saying I discussed sexual activity with her and tried to convince her to have sex with me, when in fact it was quite the opposite. I'm really getting tired of all these false allegation, and have now put in my two weeks notice.
    Are there any other male nurses out there that this has happened to? How have you handled it?
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Sounds to me like you need a lawyer.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Perhaps try reporting the inappropriate comments to your supervisor/HR at the time of occurance? Hate to say this, but grab a witness. You did the best you could with the receptionist by walking away from the conversation and making it clear that there was no 'relationship' potential.

    Do you have professional liability/malpractice insurance? Sounds like it might be time to give them a call, especially since this is not the first set of false allegations of sexual misconduct/harassment while working as a nurse. This is exactly what they are there for. Your reputation and perhaps your license are now in the forefront. It sounds, unfortunately, like it is a he said/she said. Forget their feelings, you need to protect your own interests and livelihood.
  5. by   abbaking
    Sounds like you work with alot of sex crazed women - man hating. Save yourself the misery and going into an area in nursing with more testosterone like ED or ICU.
    Nothing good comes from these kinds of women