how do we get administration to listen to the nurses?

  1. I am a staff RN. I have no influence on anyone. But I cannot continue to watch silently as the profession that I love goes from bad to worse. I have talked with nurses in all areas of my hospital and they are willing to do something but what? We don't need a union and we don't have one to turn to anyway. This is a town of 200,000 and we only have two hospitals so most won't risk their jobs. So how can I, as a staff RN with high hopes and big dreams, get administration to listen to me? The directors seem to have to have only their jobs in mind. The staffing is bad-SICU takes 2 open hearts every day-IABP or whatever, and the pay is about 13.00/hr. So help me? Is there no hope? Should I change professions? I have been an RN in ICU for 14 years in Dallas and L.A. Let me know your ideas. Thanks
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  3. by   CANRN
    Cobie, I and many other nurses, understand what your feeling. It is very frustrating to watch as our careers are destroyed. We no longer can give the kind of care we did in the past.
    I am still nursing and I did make some changes in my life that have been very beneficial to me. Along with the decision to make a change, I am able to still use my nursing education and help people to realize optimal health. The trends in healthcare are changing, some changes are bad, and some are good. we just have to be open to searching for the answer.
    The answer to "HOW TO MAKE ADMINISTRATION LISTEN???" Unless WE are the ones holding the $$$ in our hands, they wont' listen. So what does that tell you? We are all at the mercy of them.
    If you desire to learn what I am doing, send me an email.

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  4. by   MollyJ
    Nurses will have to start to understand the economic aspects health care and nursing before they can hope to be very powerful (and this knowledge I think will only tell us why we aren't powerful).
    You say you don't need a union and don't have one, but remember your State Nurses Association can be a union rep for you. Do talk to the TX state nurses Association. ALL SNA's are interested in the problems of nurses in the hospital, but it takes people willing to tell them their problems and then you have to, I think, stay active in the issues and hang in there. It won't be a quick fix.
  5. by   Nancy1
    There is no quick fix that will work. I am management, but I listen to the nurses. Perhaps if some nurses would quit griping and spend that amount of time trying to find a solution. Perhaps then someon will listen. My staff have found out I respond much better when someone asks for a meeting to discuss an issue. And I do mean discuss, not gripe.
    I am not sure if this will help any of you, but I do believe that too many people (not just nurses) whine about what is expected of them. The time you spendind whining could be used much more effectively. NA