Disappointed with my nurse last night - page 3

Long story short: I was having terrible side effects from a prescribed diet pill. My husband finally convinced me to go to the ER after having s/s for the past 2 weeks that has gotten progressively... Read More

  1. by   SDgirl2013
    ^^ Where's the like button?? Great points ^^
  2. by   CodeteamB
    I wonder, was the lack of hub-scrubbing a single occurrence or did it happen more than once? If it was a one time thing it sounds like a busy nurse getting distracted and messing up, could happen to the best of us. In that case the most appropriate thing would be for the patient to point it out to the nurse at the time. If it was multiple times then sister probably needs some remedial training in IP & C, and I would consider reporting it (if it occurred after I brought it to her attention).

    As to the rest of it, it sounds obnoxious but I would just let it go. First, you were likely one of her healthier patients, you knew what had caused your symptoms and your own family member was calling you out for knowing better. I would have done a little patient education too, though I would have worded it differently. I would have said the same thing to any patient, medical professional or otherwise. Second, at least she said something to your face instead of just telling your tale in the break room

    Hope you are feeling better!
  3. by   Sadala
    A) I think nurses get a little report happy with other nurses.

    B) Whatever happened to good old fashioned directness. "This is a decision I made with MY physician and I'm here because I'm having side effects, not because I'd like to discuss my decision making process. And if you're not going to 'scrub my hub'"

    heh, really?

    "then if you'll just pass me an alcohol swab I'll do it for you."

    (that's even funnier)